Sunday update

Yesterday afternoon about 1:45, I was at the bar at the Blind Bear. The phone rang.

“Hey, Paul, what are you doing right now? We’re at Blues City Cafe and we ordered way too much food. We have steak, ribs, tamales and chili, and cheese fries. Come help us finish it.”


I’ve mentioned these on the blog before, but the Gumbo Cheese Fries – cheese fries smothered in Blues City’s world famous seafood gumbo – are amazing. People go there for the ribs, but don’t overlook these fries. Easily enough for a group of three or four to split as an appetizer.

Even after I helped my friends out at Blues City, there was still enough to take a plate to Dusty who was bartending at the Silly Goose, as well as enough for a dog plate for recent addition to the Downtown family Dutch.

Okay. Time to get started with today’s news. I will lead off with an inspirational quote:

Bartending is a gateway drug to ass. -Crazy Joe Harris

On the way back from Blues City, I stopped at the Flying Saucer, where Christina told me she is going to come visit her favorite team at Best Memphis Burger Fest, the Moody Ques, one week from today. The Saucer is about to start selling their 2016 election glasses.

2016-08-20 14.18.20

2016-08-20 14.18.32

Owen the manager showed me a photo of the actual glasses, and they are really nice. Best presidential election glasses I’ve ever seen at the Saucer.

Beer recommendation: Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot. Not only does it have an awesome name, but it has a Value Drinking Index of 17 (ABV * ounces / price). A VDI over 15 indicates a good value.

I ended up back at the Blind Bear after a nap, where I stayed until 2:58, two minutes before closing time. Colin put the Johnny Cash Pandora station on. Adding that one to my favorites this morning.

Interesting article I saw on RealClearPolitics yesterday: Milwaukee’s invisible racial cage: Lack of public transportation. This applies somewhat in Memphis too, especially being at the corner of a tri-state area.

It’s time for the final week of my 86-week streak of D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear this morning. Best Memphis Burger Fest will break the streak next week. I’m bringing my headphones and my external battery charger, because I have SummerSlam to watch on the WWE Network tonight. Last week I had someone tell me wrestling was stupid as he sat there and played Pokemon Go. I have no words. Anyway, I am outta here, see you tomorrow, or if any major news comes up, later today.