New happy hour, Burger Fest information, and other news

A new happy hour has landed Downtown! Rizzo’s Diner is now doing a happy hour weekdays from 4 to 6 PM, with a special bar menu, all draft beers $3, and all house wines $3.

Nearly 92 years old, President Jimmy Carter has rolled up his sleeves in Uptown for construction of Habitat for Humanity homes.

From VinePair: The 10 Worst Beers in the World. Not surprisingly, Natty topped the list. Bud Light Chelada is not a surprise item on the list either. And no, PBR is not on the list. Last night I was at Bardog talking to a guy who just moved here from West Virginia, and handed him a wooden nickel so he could have a 5-cent PBR. “Greatest beer in the world!” he exclaimed.

The city of Memphis is considering investing in technology that will pinpoint the location of gunshots. That is SO Memphis, right there.

Listener-supported, independent radio station will celebrate its 40th birthday Saturday, October 8 from 3 to 10 PM at Loflin Yard. Mouserocket, Julien Baker, Chickasaw Mound, and supergroup The WEVLs will perform.

We have our booth assignments for Best Memphis Burger Fest on Sunday, and a lot of the local teams are together! Looking east from East Parkway toward the Liberty Bowl, the Moody Ques are the third team down, on the left side of the left-hand lane. Our next-door neighbors are Weekend at Porky’s, who have a new head cook this year. “We’re going to hand something in for every category, and we’re not going to use the George Foreman Grill this year,” she told me. Well that will be different! Weekend at Porky’s will be minus two members: Hot Vegetarian Katie from D.C. won’t be able to make it (vegetarians love the Moody Ques though) and since the festival is on a Sunday this year, B-RAD will be slinging D-RANKS at the Bear and won’t be there. Also not sure if Weekend at Porky’s member Nappin Ass Nate will be back in town by then.

Across the street from us will be our friends Squeal Street BBQ and Cowboyardee (AKA the Memphis Flyer team). Three booths to the east of us will be our friends The Fabulous Burger Boys who scored one of Burger Fest’s qualifiers to the World Food Championships in 2015. I look forward to visiting all my friend teams and in particular will spend some time with Squeal Street on Sunday.

Come see all of us – since we’re close together you won’t have far to walk! Bring cash, because the teams will be handing out burger samples in exchange for a donation to Memphis Paws, a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible pet ownership and generates support for animal care and rescue organizations around Memphis.

What if you want to go to both Burger Fest and Monroe Fest (Bardog alley party) on Sunday? That’s an excellent plan! My recommendation is to come to Burger Fest between 11 and 2:30, the times the teams are most likely to have burger samples out. Then get Downtown to Monroe Fest by 3, which should still give you time to see the two main events: the meatball eating contest and my neighbor Kitty Wompas getting her head shaved for St. Jude. Bring cash for donations to Monroe Fest too!

This past weekend I had a teammate asked if he could bring his kids to Burger Fest. Absolutely! Not only are kids welcome, but sponsor Jack Pirtle’s has a special Kidzone to keep them entertained. Monroe Fest (other than the interior of Bardog) allows kids too, although there will be plenty of alcohol consumption and a lot of the people there will not exactly be ideal adult role models that day.

What if you want to visit the Burger Fest teams but want something other than burgers? No problem, there will be food trucks. MemPops, Sushi Jimmi Rawk’n Grub, Joy Ride, Soul Pig, and Kona Ice will be at Tiger Lane on Sunday.

If you want to really do Burger Fest in style, go VIP. A $50 ticket gets you access to a shaded, covered, air-conditioned tent. From 12 to 2 there will be catered food by Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Bar & Grill. You get beer and other liquid samples, two all-day Kidzone passes, a souvenir cup, T-shirt, and event poster. Those who go VIP will be much appreciated by festival organizers, who are trying to make up a deficit caused by unusually cold weather at Burger Fest ’15.

That’s all for now. Not sure where I will be for happy hour after work, but leaning in the direction of Silly Goose. Possibly back with a second post before I head out this evening.