Twitter embeds write my blog for me (Wed update #2)

Thanks to Twitter, my blog is practically going to write itself for this post. First of all, Downtown Central BBQ got a visit last night from former president Jimmy Carter.

Next up, a couple of dinners. Bleu has released its menu for Chef Ana’s wine dinner on Thursday, with wines from Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, over at Spindini, there’s an upcoming Jackalope Brewery beer dinner.

From FiveThirtyEight: Hurricane Hermine doesn’t exist yet, but experts are starting to worry. Note that one of the computer models has it headed right for Memphis. We are too far inland for a tropical cyclone to blow through Memphis at hurricane force, but tropical storms (most recently Katrina) have made it to Memphis. By the way, the same computer model shows the future Hermine scoring a direct hit on New Orleans. Let’s hope that forecast is wrong.

Let’s hope this forecast is wrong too: ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus system projects the Grizzlies to win 39 games and miss the playoffs. Boo.

For those of you who watched pro wrestling in the 1980s, you will be sad to learn that the southern Louisiana floods destroyed the home of The One Man Gang/Akeem the African Dream. A GoFundMe has been set up to cover the costs of repairing the damage and buying new furniture. Wonder if Slick donated some of the money he made pimpin’?

Apologies to a few people who I had previously told we would be next door to our friends Squeal Street BBQ at Burger Fest. At the time I believed that to be true. Wasn’t trying to mislead anyone. Don’t worry, though, Squeal Street is not far away and I plan on spending lots and lots and lots of time with my friends on that team for sure! Heck, for a couple of years in the past before the Moody Ques got in the game, I was on that team one day a year for the purposes of Burger Fest! As for the team that did end up being our neighbor, Weekend at Porky’s, I couldn’t be happier to have them nearby. The Mid-South Men’s Health Organization will be our neighbor too, and I look forward to teaching their folks how to be unhealthy eating burgers and drinking beer.

The Redbirds are back in town for their final homestand of the regular season. 6:35 first pitch vs. the Nashville Sounds. No special promos going on tonight.

Huge discovery by NASA this week: An Earth-like exoplanet has been found orbiting Proxima Centauri, the star nearest our own solar system at only 4.25 light years away. The planet is in the star’s habitable zone and is estimated to be 1.3 times the size of Earth.

Still planning on Silly Goose for after work. Could be a third Wednesday update before I go out, you never know.