Monday update

Whew… Best Memphis Burger Fest nearly killed me! They moved it to late August to avoid another year of it being bitter cold. You did too good a job with that, guys! Oh, man, it was broiling outside. By 3:30 I gave up and left. I took a lot of good pictures, but I was too tired to download them and go through them last night. Hopefully later this week I will get them online. Shout-outs to a few people:

Shout-out to my friends on Squeal Street for their generosity. They kept me well supplied with PBR from their enormous beer cooler. I really wish I could have spent more time in their booth.

Shout-out to our next door neighbors Weekend at Porky’s for the excellent meatball slider they made me. It almost made up for Hot Vegetarian Katie not coming down this year.

Shout-out to my friends on Cowboyardee (Memphis Flyer team) on getting first in Specialty Burger and third in Bloody Mary. How ironic is it the Best Veggie Burger was won by a team called Meat in the Middle?

Shout-out to my friend Hannah who was bartending at Aldo’s Pizza Pies Midtown yesterday, where I stopped on the way back. I had never been to that Aldo’s location before, but thanks to her it felt like home as soon as I walked in.

Most of all, shout-out to my neighbor Kitty Wompas who shaved her head for the kids of St. Jude yesterday! I hate it that I had to miss the big event. So proud of you, Kitty!

One of Downtown’s best festivals happens Saturday and Sunday: The Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, presented by the Center for Southern Folklore. It will be on the Main Street Mall between Union and Gayoso, with bands performing on five stages, two of which are indoors at the Center. There will be all genres of music, very much representative of what the region has to offer, in a low-key environment. There will also be cultural exhibits, marching bands, arts and crafts, and food. PRO TIP: Get the hot-water cornbread and greens for a taste of the South. The festival is free to attend.

Southaven RV is collecting supplies for the Louisiana flood victims. If you have stuff to donate but don’t feel like driving all the way to Southaven, I know a Downtowner who works there who can pick up your items.

The Salty Dogs runners group will be taking a week of, so no run tonight. Bardog needs a day to clean and recover following yesterday’s alley party.

Evelyn and Olive is having its grand reopening tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30, and will have a special surprise from 6:00 to 8:30 PM.

MATA is holding a meeting at Central Station tomorrow from 5 to 7 PM to discuss improvements to its routes.

That’s it for now. I’ll make my usual Melissa Monday stop at Bardog after work most likely. I would go see PBjaRni for some dollar happy hour PBRs at Max’s (a special every Monday) but it’s just too blasted hot.