Wednesday update

Lord T & Eloise has announced a concert at the New Daisy Theatre. The show will be Friday, October 28 from 8 to 11 PM.

Wiseacre Brewing Co. has announced its Oktoberfest for Saturday, September 24 from 1 to 10 PM. That was a smart day to schedule it, since BreakFest 901 will be happening nearby.

Choose901 has updated architectural drawings of the plans for the Tennessee Brewery.

I don’t know if any of my readers have ever sat around thinking, “I really wish I could buy a strap-on dinosaur tail,” but if they have, today is their lucky day. You can buy them here.

I see that one of the stories in the Memphis Flyer this week is “Delivering Congestion,” how delivery trucks stopping at businesses and restaurants create congestion during drive time on streets like Front and Union. Should be a relevant read for Downtowners.

For those who have been waiting on my Burger Fest photos, apologies for the delay. A couple of my photo management programs on my MacBook “upgraded” themselves and I can’t manage pictures the way I have for years. This is something I will have to figure out before BBQ Fest.

Exciting day at work! I’m being moved into a new role and will have lots of new opportunities to combine my technical and communication skills. Sorry for the slightly short lunchtime post, but I am going to go celebrate! Possibly back with a second post after work.