I Love Sunday School

I’m very excited about today, because my new I Love Sunday School shirt has arrived. I’m going to wear it to Hung Over Like a Bear brunch so my Sunday school teacher B-RAD can see it.

You know, I attended Sunday school (real Sunday school, not a bar) up to age 12 and there were only three things memorable about it.

  1. One time when I was in the 4-year-old class, somebody brought donuts. Those were really good donuts.
  2. They taught us a song called “The Golden Cockerel.” I can just hear Butt-head going, “You said ‘cockerel.’ Huh huh huh huh huh.”
  3. They had this exercise where we pretended we were in a cave and the entrance was about to collapse. What position in line would you want to be to get out? I’ll be damned if half of those little fuckers didn’t LIE and say they would want to be last to exit the cave. That’s what Sunday school (and school in general) is about, teaching children to say the bullshit that adults want to hear. It’s a skill that prepares them well for the corporate world, by the way.

Yesterday I returned to the Memphis Farmers Market after a hiatus of several weeks. The number of vendors has shrunk a little bit, as there seem to be fewer fall produce vendors than there are spring and summer. However, I will give you two reasons to keep going.

First of all, the tandoori truck is back! If you like Indian food, come hungry to the Market one Saturday. I like the vegetable pakoras, the chicken and rice, the chickpeas and rice, and the naan topped with a green garlic spread. I usually tell people Sushi Jimmi is my favorite food truck but then I realize I forgot about the tandoori truck.

Secondly, near the front entrance, on the left, there is a vendor who sells frozen pops. He has recently expanded his menu and now sells Italian ice too. I had some cherry Italian ice yesterday and it was SO good!

After the Market I walked across the street to Earnestine & Hazel’s, where I had a beer with my friend Otto. He is the one friend who understands the technical stuff I do at work so it’s good to have somebody to talk to about that. We also had a brief Chef Michael Patrick appearance. In addition, we had Foursquare/Swarm “mayor” of E&H (until I steal the mayorship back) Eric stop by to pick up a to-go Soul Burger for Panda at Bardog.

From there I called a Lyft to get a ride out to Broad Avenue Water Tower for BreakFest 901. Lyft informed that they were busy and there would be a 100% upcharge. Still cheaper than a cab though, and more reliable – the Lyft was there in three minutes.

My friends on Squeal Street BBQ were just putting together their Bacon Lovers entry as I arrived (and if you were wondering if I timed it that way on purpose, yes I did). My own BBQ team The Moody Ques couldn’t compete in BreakFest because we are preparing for the Farmers Market party today. But that was fine; Squeal Street is like my second BBQ family, and it was a pleasure to hang out and talk with them and catch up on things that have been going on the past year. Thank you Squeal Street for the hospitality (and by hospitality, I mean beer). The food they put out looked so pretty! By the time I was getting ready to leave, team member Bad Shane told me they had placed in the top ten in EVERY category!

I caught another Lyft back to South Main (only a 50% upcharge this time). How did I get all the way to Week 4 of college football without any football watching at Max’s Sports Bar? Yesterday I made up for lost time, staying from 3 until 7. Unfortunately most of the people in the bar were UT fans. You know how Max’s has a smoking section and a nonsmoking section now? There needs to be a UT fans section so the rest of us don’t have to deal with them. There was also a lot of interest in the Michigan game.

I will be back at Max’s next Saturday to watch the Arkansas-Alcorn State game. It is in the early slot, so Bardog will have to do without me for one more week.

About 4:00 Squeal Street came in, having wrapped up BreakFest. My friend Leigh told me they came in second in one category and third in another, beating restaurants that do this for a living every day. I will try to get a link to complete results. Congratulations to Squeal Street and Leigh it was a pleasure talking to you.

Got a full schedule today… I will lead off at D-RANKS with B-RAD of course, but Double J’s closing day/parking lot party puts an additional stop on my list. Actually two stops, because you know I am going to go in Max’s for at least a minute. Plus that’ll be a good halfway point to Loflin Yard, where my team is cooking for Farm Fest, the Memphis Farmers Market fall party, at 5. It should be a delightful evening and I look forward to continuing some conversations that were started yesterday. Hmmm… I don’t have to go to work tomorrow so I can make it a late night… perhaps after the party I will hit the Crow while I’m in the neighborhood.

Okay, I just put the shirt on… man, this thing is big. I should have ordered a size smaller. Oh well… it’s still getting worn to my Sunday school class at B-RAD’s bar today. Happy Sunday everyone, and I hope to see you at the Farmers Market party this evening. Be sure to let us know what you think of the BBQ!