Saturday update

I’m back in Memphis! My troll insisted we take a car selfie before we pulled out of the hotel parking lot in Little Rock.

Photo Jan 27, 8 27 03 AM

So, let’s say you’re a guy who has a girlfriend. It’s Valentine’s Day. You give her a Hallmark card telling her how much you love her. You have flowers sent to her home. You bring her a box of chocolates. You take her to dinner at Catherine & Mary’s or Felicia’s or Chez Philippe.

And at the end of the day, she thinks, “He went through the motions. He did everything a good boyfriend is supposed to do on Valentine’s Day.”

“He’s BORING!”

So, here’s a suggestion for a non-boring Valentine’s Day. Take your girl to a burlesque show!

Photo Jan 27, 1 26 55 PMKitty Wompas’ Cathouse is bringing sexy back to Valentine’s Day at Bardog, Tuesday, February 14 at 8 PM. There will be $5 shots called “James’ cock” and “Melissa’s nipple” during the performance only. “Happy Valentine’s Day baby! I got you James’ cock!” You know ya girl would be impressed.

YOGA! The Saturday before Valentine’s Day, February 11, a special workshop called Love Restored will be held at Downtown Yoga from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. The idea is that too often we give our love away to everyone but ourselves, and this class will allow you to pamper and nurture yourself. You’ll learn how to turn your love inward with restorative poses, sound, self-massage, and guided meditation. There are said to be some sweet surprises in store for participants as well.

PXLS plays a free event tonight at the High Cotton taproom at 7. They will play the melodies of your favorite classic video games while you enjoy some craft beer. This is a family-friendly event. I wonder if they’ll play the music from Pengo? That’s my favorite. Dig Dug is good too. And Frogger of course. I’d love to go to this but my troll is so afraid of brewery taprooms.

Some badly-needed civil discourse will happen at Loflin Yard Thursday from 7 to 9, and you are invited. The topic at The Civil Pour VI will be living in Trump’s America. What does Trump’s presidency mean for those who support him and those who oppose him? America is more divided than ever, and we need events like this one where we can state what we believe in a non-confrontational manner and listen to what the other side has to say and attempt to understand their point of view.

Miss Cordelia’s, the grocery store on Mud Island, has some positions open. They are looking for a full-time prep cook, a part-time dishwasher, two cafe team members and a butcher counter clerk. Apply at the store.

See inside the Tennessee Brewery as redevelopment happens! The Memphis Business Journal has a slideshow.

The next time you order guacamole from Las Delicias and it’s a couple of dollars more expensive than you remember, you can thank President Trump for that.

The Memphis Tigers host ECU at FedExForum at 2:30.

Falling Into Place is the featured vendor at today’s Small Shop Saturday at the Ghost River taproom from noon to 4. They sell candles and Memphis T-shirts and sweatshirts.

My plan for the coming days is to have a perfectly normal weekend and to be off work through Wednesday. My intuition told me that is the right amount of time before returning to work. I got three bereavement days off and am using two floating holidays and three vacation days to cover the remaining time. Since I have been at my job long enough that I get three weeks vacation a year, my BBQ Fest week will not be affected. Monday and Wednesday will be days devoted to closing Mama’s accounts – because “Please hold, a customer service representative will be with you in… twenty. two. minutes” is really what I want to do on a vacation day. (Thank God she didn’t have Comcast.) Tuesday will be a play day. I rarely get Tuesdays off so I want to go see Teryn at the morning shift at Bardog.

The only thing related to my mother I plan on working on this weekend is figuring out what to do with her iPad. I got Mama her first iPad for Christmas 2010 because I didn’t want her to be left behind in the world of touch-screen devices and apps. I also believed it might help keep her sharp mentally and avoid the decline we saw in my grandmother in her final year. I already have an iPad so I don’t need the one I got Mama for Christmas 2014 after the first one became too old to receive current iOS updates. I would like to see it go toward the same intention that I had for Mama, to keep an elderly person sharp and to keep them in tune with current technology. Her church gave me contact information for Calvary Episcopal here in case I felt I needed emotional support from a local church. Perhaps I will call them and see if they have any suggestions what to do with the iPad.

That’s it for now. Blog updates will be somewhat irregular in the coming week, but I will try to post as much news as I can.