Fried green tomatoes with warm lump crabmeat and Creole caper remoulade @ Belle Tavern

Last night I went to Belle Tavern, the back bar of Belle Bistro with its own entrance on Barboro Alley, to hear my friends South Side Supper Club who play the first and third Tuesday of every month. They are starting to gain a following in the Downtown core, so I got there 30 minutes early at 6:30 to make sure I would get a seat at the bar. I got the seat with the menu right in front of me. We had a big lunch celebration at work so I wasn’t super hungry, but I decided I could use a snack.

I ordered the fried green tomatoes, topped with warm lump crabmeat and Creole caper remoulade. It was something different from the usual bar food – I wasn’t in the mood for the burger and fries, nachos kind of fare. About 10 minutes later my food came out, and my little troll hopped on the plate for a photo.

They did not skimp on the crabmeat at all – there was a generous portion of it atop four fried tomatoes. The remoulade was delicious. All the flavors and textures complemented each other very well. I thought it delivered value for the price charged, and I will be ordering this dish again.

I haven’t mentioned it because I am not a whiskey drinker myself, but Belle Tavern has a huge array of whiskeys and whiskys, all varieties. If you want to learn about whiskey or try a brand you haven’t had before, Belle would be a good place to go.

I am going to spend more time at this place. Given its location, I can see it being a last stop on the way home, a place I visit in the 10 to midnight range. By that point my friends in the service industry are starting to get off, so it’s a place to catch up with them, and also they don’t shut down the kitchen until 11:40ish, so I can still get the tomatoes when I am ready to have them again.

Back at lunchtime with a news post, most likely.