Sunday update

About 9:45 AM yesterday I walked out my front door and started the walk south down Main Street to the Memphis Farmers Market. As I crossed Pontotoc I saw a police car pull up, and an officer got out of the car and walked in the Rumba Room. Then I noticed there was glass all over the sidewalk.

Someone had smashed all the windows at the Rumba Room. One of them had a two and a half foot hole where someone had thrown a large object through the glass. Every window had major damage.


I hate that. I don’t go to the Rumba Room but I have many friends who enjoy salsa dancing there. Its presence adds diversity to Downtown. I hate it that someone disrespected the place.

I also hate it that tourists walked and drove down Main Street yesterday and saw the broken windows, leaving the impression that we are all a bunch of thugs here in Memphis.

About 10 I made it to the Farmers Market. As promised, it was there for us, under the pavilion. The area not under the pavilion sure looked different though.

Just about every square inch not under the pavilion is dug up. The Market is fenced off and you have to enter through the side, rather than what I consider the front of the Market facing G.E. Patterson. Do not let the construction discourage you! Once inside, the Market is the same fabulous place it has always been. There was a good crowd and business was bustling.

The tandoori truck is back! I had people messaging me asking about that yesterday morning. The Fuel food truck and the So Fresh juice truck were there too. Each of them had lines 7-10 people long. Knowing it would take a while to get food, I decided not to make it a food truck day. With no food and a feeling that I was being “watched,” I decided to make an early exit from the Farmers Market and go see Clarence at Earnestine & Hazel’s.

I was only there two minutes before things got crazy at E&H, but I dealt with it the best I could. I had my PBR koozie and my personal assistant Perjorie T. Roll to keep me company.

Perjorie asked why I don’t have a “MY TROLL IS MY CO-PILOT” sticker on the bumper of my car. “Well, for one thing, I don’t think they make those,” I told her. “And besides, I don’t take you to work with me. You’re never in the car.”

Then Perjorie expressed interest in going to The Edge Gets Lit alley party on April 29. She thought that because it’s in an alley, she might find some other trolls there. “Trolls live under bridges, not in alleys,” I replied. “Bums live in alleys. And if it’s bums you want to see, believe me, we don’t have to leave the Downtown core for that.”

I wanted to go over to Max’s to see PBjaRni, but unfortunately duty called. BBQ team business was being discussed at Bardog, and as Deputy Director and Director of Public Relations, Perjorie and I needed to be there. So I tabbed out with Clarence and off we went.

Every year on the BBQ team, there’s a day when my sense of “OMG do we have any clue what we are doing?” goes away and is replaced with a sense of “OK. We’ve got this. We’re going to be just fine.” A long talk with team treasurer Misty on the patio of the Silly Goose made me realize that we can handle any bumps in the road that come along. Misty and I reminded Perjorie that she needs to get her team dues in. “It looks bad when the team leaders don’t pay.”

Mid-afternoon I got handed a present: A new PEZ dispenser. My troll did not care for the new dispenser at all.

Okay. I know that it is a Darth Vader PEZ dispenser and Darth Vader is a male character, but am I allowed to give it a female name?

Let’s get on to the news. First of all, congratulations to the Memphis Grizzlies. They clinched a playoff berth last night with a victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

Yesterday a sponsored video for The Broom Closet – Memphis appeared in my Facebook feed. Not knowing much about that South Main store, I watched the video. They have tarot cards and readings, Reiki sessions, personal growth workshops and metaphysical supplies, including candles… and they even have a “Sucks to Be You” candle. Yeah I know where I will be going to shop for birthday gifts later this year.

The Residence Inn at the Marriott (formerly the Wm. Len) has a rooftop bar now.

It’s called “The View.” Mostly a view of taller buildings near the Wm. Len.

Happy Sunday, YOGA! If you have shoulder pain you might be interested in this session on relieving shoulder tension at Your Inner Yogi next Sunday, April 9, from 1 to 4 PM. Stephanie Congo, BS, RYT, EEMCLP will teach you how to relive pain and improve your posture with easy exercises and postural alignment yoga. $35 early bird price, $45 at the door.

Rain will move in tonight, but it looks like we have a beautiful Sunday Fun Day to enjoy before the rain gets here. I’m going to start it off at D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Blind Bear at 11. Going to abstain from the Fireball because it can’t be an early night to bed… I’ve got WrestleMania to watch! Back tomorrow with more news.