Friday update

Tonight is Memphis Chicks night at the Redbirds. It will be a celebration of Memphis’ long-time Double-A team, with former Chicks Joe Abone and Anthony Johnson throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. The team will be wearing Memphis Chicks jerseys, which will be auctioned off after the game to benefit the Redbirds Community Fund. Block party in the plaza before the game with select $2 beers. First pitch is 7:05 and the opponent is the New Orleans Baby Cakes. I mean, I get it, finding the baby in the king cake, but, Baby Cakes? Really?

Classic 1971 Clint Eastwood movie Dirty Harry will be shown on the big screen at the Orpheum tonight at 7.

Must-listen music alert: The Memphis Flyer has a Dr. Herman Green playlist. Catch the legendary Beale Street saxophonist on stage with FreeWorld Sunday night at 9:30 at the Blues City Band Box.

Looking for something fun to do Monday night before holiday Tuesday? Wiseacre is having a cornhole tournament and game night Monday at 7 PM, and every Monday throughout the summer. Teams of two can sign up to play. Winning team gets choice of item from their merch wall or a $10 bar tab, and an entry to win tickets to the brewery’s Symphonic Fermentation Fair in October. Every Monday will also be came night featuring bocce, giant Jenga, mini golf, badminton, hook ring, 4 Square, Legos, and board games. All are free to play, with a deposit required for some.

Seth, co-organizer of Best Memphis Burger Fest, has said this will be happening at the festival this year:

He’s ordered 125 rubber burgers and a kiddie pool, and is looking for a ketchup sponsor. Ah, Memphis, where you bob for crawfish in the spring and burgers in the fall.

Alcohol-infused MEMPopS are coming. You won’t be able to buy them at the store, but they can be made for parties and private events.

I hate it that I missed the updated group photo taken at Max’s Sports Bar last night. I didn’t know about it until about six hours before, and I had already mapped out an evening in the Downtown core in my mind. I have always been so proud to have been in the original 2012 group photo.

A multi-time BBQ Fest champion has created a sauce and a rub for Williams-Sonoma.

Front page of the New York Daily News today:

Even Republicans are blasting Trump on Twitter now, saying his tweets are beneath the dignity of his office. It’s time for them to use those tweets as evidence of mental unfitness to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove Cheeto Voldemort from said office. Then again, that would leave us with President Pence, which would be pretty scary too.

I wish Mattis would run in 2020… now that’s a case where I would consider crossing over and voting Republican. We could use an Ike Eisenhower-type figure in the White House these days.

Just a few more hours at work and then it will be time for a four day weekend! I love it when I can get four consecutive days off work for the price of one vacation day. Tonight I plan to start off at the Silly Goose for happy hour, then get down to South Main for their super-size trolley night with a second line jazz band marching down Main and then the Grizzline. I definitely plan on stopping by Earnestine & Hazel’s and having a PBR or ten in Keenan’s memory. I’m sure I’ll probably pop in Max’s Sports Bar too. Time to get a few more hours’ work done, then celebrate not having to cross the Mississippi state line again until Wednesday morning!