Friday update #2

I’ll start off today’s second blog post with a random rant. There’s a skill kids aren’t taught in school, but probably should be: How to read maps (doesn’t have to be a paper map, can be a map app on a mobile device) and establishing a good sense of where north, south, east, and west are. It kills me when I give people directions and I’m like, “So you go two blocks east on Union and…”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know which way is east.”

“You see that thing over there? That’s the river. If you’re going toward the river you’re heading west. You know this because West Memphis is on the other side of the river. So if you want to go east you figure out where the river is and go the opposite direction.”

It’s a skill that’s probably less important now that GPSs are common, but I’m still glad I learned it. Kind of like, I’m glad I learned how to do long division even though I have a calculator on my phone.

Update on tonight’s Redbirds games: Gates open at 5, last night’s suspended game starts back up at 5:35, then tonight’s game begins. I posted all that this morning, but here’s an important update: Since Thirsty Thursday ($2 select draft beers around the park) was interrupted, it continues tonight! Also since tonight is Ladies’ Night, $3 wines available to ladies during both games. Yay Redbirds for giving their fans a wallet-friendly ballgame experience. Here’s a link to the Redbirds’ rain policy.

@FrankMurtaugh had an interesting stat: All nine St. Louis Cardinals who started last night’s game were former Memphis Redbirds.

Tonight’s one-night only appearance by Austin-based smoked meats and Texas BBQ producer Micklethwait Craft Meats at Memphis Made Brewing is a big deal apparently. The Memphis Flyer has coverage of Micklethwait’s trailer tour through the U.S., and the event is mentioned by Chris Herrington in The 9:01 as well.

Heh. I looked up Micklethwait’s Austin restaurant and the hours are “11 AM – til it’s gone.” That’s a sure sign that there is good BBQ there. Wonder if my friend Chicken Fried Steak Rodger will put the mutts in an Uber and head out to Memphis Made for some Texas BBQ tonight.

The sales tax holiday in Tennessee is underway and continues through Sunday. No sales tax this weekend on clothes, school supplies, and art supplies costing $100 or less, or on computers costing $1500 or less.

I had a cross-bred jalapeno/Thai chili pepper last night. The grower wasn’t trying to be the Luther Burbank of peppers, but they were growing next to each other and it just happened. Let’s just say I was drinking water for about 15 minutes after I sampled the pepper.

Rut roe:

“This week has been Trump’s worst week ever as president,” I thought last Friday, “until next week.” That proved to be true. Also, thinking the same thought today seems relevant.

That’s it for now. It’s my second post today, so keep scrolling for more.