Majestic folks to take over Brass Door + more Saturday news

Big news on Madison Avenue, as reported by Hungry Memphis: The Majestic Grille folks are taking over the Brass Door. The deal was recently finalized for Patrick and Deni Reilly, owners of the Majestic Grille and the folks responsible for the recent success of the restaurant in Beale Street Landing, to take over operations. The Irish pub will retain its name, and they hope to have the side bar open for sports watching in as little as a couple of weeks. The Brass Door itself will be open by the end of 2017.

Hmmm I don’t know about this. Has Patrick Reilly ever been in an Irish pub in his life? What does he know about fine Irish whiskys? Or Irish stouts? Can you really see him designing a menu of authentic pub food? Man… this could be the biggest flop since Ricky Martin released “She Bang.”

Just kidding, of course. :mrgreen: The Reillys are the perfect people to offer their perspective on how to make the Brass Door prosper. It is a beautiful pub with a beautiful bar and three stories. It’s just slightly hidden away in a Downtown district where most people incorrectly think of Monroe as the northern boundary of the bar and restaurant scene.

I will offer one piece of advice: You have got to be consistent with the hours. If your posted closing time is 11, you can’t shut down at 8:15 because it’s a 35-degree misty November night and you currently have no customers. You have got to stay open until 11. If someone walks up to your door at 9 and sees the “closed” sign, guess what: They’re probably never coming back.


There will be a Goldcrest bock party tonight at Westy’s starting at 7 PM. Free tastings of Bock, the latest addition to Goldcrest 51’s family of beers. Live music on the patio by The Breeze featuring Jerry Lucas of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Southern rock, country and bluegrass.

The Circuit Market pop-up market returns to Peabody Place at Main Street today 11-3. Here’s a look at some of the vendors.

The Flyer is back with more tumbleweaves spotted around Memphis.

Photos from the Memphis Farmers Market’s Farm Fest are now online.

Politico recently did an article about controversial Nashville radio host Clay Travis. If that name sounds familiar, he is the one whose recent commentary on CNN was cut short after he said the two things he believes in are “the First Amendment and boobs.” After months of wondering “why would anybody tune in to this guy’s show?”, I’ve figured out his audience: People who will go on and on about sports for hours because they lack the intellectual and emotional depth to discuss topics of substance. When a topic comes up that requires thought and introspection and examination of one’s inner values, they go, “Hey, did you see that Ortiz hit in the top of the ninth?” to return the conversation to waters that are sufficiently shallow. Those are the kind of people who are fans of Clay Travis.

Bardog is once again having a burlesque show on Halloween night. Start time is 9 PM.

Business Insider has a comparison of “cheap” domestic beers. See which beer won. Technically, Yuengling had a higher score than the winner, but it isn’t a beer you can drink a lot of in a short time, and it’s not a cheap beer except on the east coast.

Memphis Type History has a podcast about the histories of the Peabody and Hotel Pontotoc.


The New York Times has an article on how Rick Pitino can’t escape being held accountable this time. I can’t stand people who see lying as just a normal part of day-to-day life.

Time to kick things off at Bardog! Best Bartender winner Bloom has the day off, so I guess it will be Panda Time. After that I’ll walk over to Blind Bear for D-RANKS with B-RAD. Yep, he’s working Saturdays now, and they have Hung Over Like a Bear brunch until 6 PM, with $3 cinnamon whiskey, moonshine, mimosas, and Bloody Marys, as well as $15 bottles of bubbly. Come see him. B-RAD, I have a story for you today that is going to blow your mind.

Back tomorrow with more news and possibly a photo or two of the troll.