Thursday update

One of our local nonprofits has made the big time in news coverage! I remember when I was a little kid, my grandmother always looked forward to the arrival of Southern Living magazine in the mail, and she always kept several months’ worth of back issues. Southern Living is still around, and this month they talk about Memphis’ Urban Bicycle Food Ministry. This group meets at a Downtown church and assembles backpacks full of burritos and other nutritious goodies, toiletry kits, and other items the homeless can use. They then ride their bicycles out through Downtown and Midtown, finding the homeless where they are, and asking, “Are you hungry?”

I’ve known about UBFM for years now, but one thing in the article was a point I have never thought about. Soup kitchens are great, but the food ministry is different is that they actively go out and find the homeless, they reach out to let these people know that they are part of God’s family, that there are people who love them, that they will be taken care of no matter if it’s snowing, sleeting, raining.

The article makes another good point. There’s nothing unique about Memphis that makes it the only city where people on bikes feeding the homeless would work. The concept could easily spread to other cities. All it would take is people with the passion.

KIX 106 presents Jerrod Niemann & Brandon Lay at Handy Park tonight at 7:30 as part of its Fall on Beale concert series. All shows are all ages and free to attend. Get your photo taken with the performers at Tin Roof following the show.

There will be a Veterans Day parade tomorrow from 10 to 11:30 AM, going down Second from Exchange to Monroe.

The Prince Experience comes to the New Daisy Friday, December 22. The top touring Prince tribute band will play his big hits and deep cuts. Doors will open at 7 and the show will begin at 8. Party like it’s 1999 and wear purple.

From Grizzly Bear Blues: Could a random number generator have done a better job making draft picks than the Grizzlies front office?

An item from the Brass Door’s new lunch menu:

Sen. Bob Corker has scheduled a Senate hearing for next Tuesday to discuss “Trump’s authority to use nuclear weapons.”

That’s it for now. Getting through an afternoon at work then off to the Silly Goose for happy hour. Back tomorrow with more news.