My weekend gonna be all like…


I’m pretty excited about having 10 of the next 17 days off! This weekend is my birthday weekend, then next weekend I have 4 days off in a row for Thanksgiving. The weekend after that, since it is a big Celebration Weekend I am taking Monday-Tuesday, December 4 and 5 off for a super-sized celebration! If anyone reading this works at Bardog, better order an extra keg of PBR.

Big honors for the Memphis Redbirds and AutoZone Park this week. Ballpark Digest named Trinity Sports Holdings, the parent company of the Memphis Redbirds, Organization of the Year for 2017. A major factor in the award was the re-branding that the Redbirds did prior to the start of the season. The new branding retains the association to the St. Louis Cardinals, but it also is a nod to the culture of Memphis, with musical notes and neon sign images similar to signs found on nearby Beale Street.

New Ballet Ensemble Nut Remix runs at the Cannon Center today through Sunday.

Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science is tonight at the Orpheum. Brown will mix science, music and food into two hours of pure entertainment.

South Main Sounds Songwriter Night #72 is tonight at 550 S. Main. Lydia Waldrop, Adam Neal Gowdy, Kyndle McMahan, Blake Meeks and Carol Plunk will perform.

Uplift!, an evening of aerial arts, acro and dance by local performers, will happen tonight starting at 7:30 at Clayborn Temple. Proceeds will benefit community programming as well as yoga and mindfulness in the schools.

SneakerCon comes to the Cook Convention Center tomorrow. With 50,000 sneakers under one roof, this is the place to buy, sell, or trade sneakers. You can also meet your favorite YouTubers and get your sneakers authenticated.

If you want to eat at The Front Porch restaurant in Beale Street Landing one more time this year, better get there this weekend.

One more reason to celebrate during Celebration Weekend, the first weekend in December: Those of you attending the Stumbling Santa pub crawl starting at the Flying Saucer at 7 PM on Saturday, December 2 can now keep partying all night. Tin Roof will host the Stumbling Santa after-party in the Green Room 11 PM-5 AM.

The Silly Goose has a new menu:

I commented on Facebook that the Goose changes their menu more often than some people change their underwear. All kidding aside, though, this is a particularly good menu. They brought back the tacos which were a crowd favorite, while keeping the burger, a recent popular order. Those pastas sound interesting too.

All right, a few more hours of work and then it’s party time! Back tomorrow with more news.