Spaghetti Warehouse closing, Heritage Building Supply, holiday parade and more. Whoooooo!!!

Well, here’s an announcement I was not expecting at all – the Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog reports that Spaghetti Warehouse is closing its Memphis location. The Italian restaurant at Wagner and Huling has been there for as long as I have lived Downtown. November 19 will be its last day. Although I only went there a time or two a year, I will miss the place. I liked their chili spaghetti, their meat lasange Alfredo, their salads and their little loaves of bread with garlic butter. I hope a good restaurant concept takes over that building in the near future. It might have to be another chain restaurant though – that is a huge space.

There will be a grand opening party for a new company called Heritage Building Supply, 405 Monroe across from the old Wonder Bread bakery, Saturday, November 18 from noon to 4. Live music by Brandon Taylor, craft beers sold by TapBox, and food will be for sale from the JoyRide food truck. Heritage Building Supply is an architectural retail space affiliated with Memphis Heritage. Items sold there were donated by those interested in preservation, and include vintage doors, windows, mantles, lighting fixtures, columns, wood trim, and much more. Many of the items were rescued from historic buildings like Central Station and Anderton’s. The supply will be open 10 to 5 on Saturdays and by appointment otherwise.

Hmmm… the grand opening celebration is on my birthday… perhaps I will mosey on down Monroe and spend my birthday in The Edge!

More news on the Brass Door: This week they’ll be open for lunch only on the main side, and open on the sports pub side 4-11 PM. Next week they’ll expand to lunch and dinner on the main side. I’ll be in the sports pub side this evening. Let’s just say I’ve received inside information that the place will have a certain “flair” to it tonight. With sound on.

Recently I mentioned that the first weekend of December will be a huge celebration weekend down here for a variety of reasons, four of which are the St. Jude Marathon and Half-Marathon, the SEC Championship Game on TV at all the bars, a Memphis Tigers home game vs. Mercer, and the Stumbling Santa pub crawl, all on Saturday, December 2. However, I kept thinking, “Wait, isn’t there one more event too?” Indeed there is. The Memphis Holiday Parade will happen on Beale Street at 2 PM at Saturday the 2nd. Marching bands, floats, steppers, and of course, Santa. I plan on being there, most likely standing in front of the King’s Palace Tap Room.

Former Memphis Tigers coach and current Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner is being accused of underplaying self-reported NCAA violations. Not sure whether this is true or false, but in any case it is sad that Pastner’s longtime good friend turned on him. I feel ya on that, CJP. If the allegations turn out to be true, it just adds fuel to the argument that it’s not possible, or at least very hard, to field a successful D-I men’s college basketball team without paying players under the table.

For those of you who’ve read the book The 48 Laws of Power, Pastner’s relationship with his friend reminds me of the one between Byzantine emperor Michael III and chief advisor Basilius.

Bistro on the Bluff at 50 N. Front is hosting the launch of their new breakfast menu tomorrow from 7-10 AM. The expanded menu will offer cooked to order omelets and eggs in addition to their current menu items. They have been asked to have fresh cooked eggs, so they will try them for November and if popular enough, will keep them around.

There’s a Public Spaces for All meeting tonight at the Cossitt Library, Front and Monroe, 6 to 7:30. They will discuss the benefits that arise when people of all walks of life enjoy equal status at our city’s public spaces.

South Side Supper Club plays Belle Tavern tonight 7-10.

Coming up this Friday at South Main Sounds at 550 S. Main: Songwriter Night #71 with Michael Graber, Grace Askew, Brian Blake, and Mark Wiklund. 7- 9 PM.

That’s it for now. I will start off at Silly Goose happy hour this evening, then I will walk that aisle over to the Brass Door pub, stylin’ and profilin’. Back tomorrow with more news.

White Tuna @ Oshi Asian Kitchen, Brass Door open for lunch and more Monday news

Yesterday I stopped by Oshi Asian Kitchen for some sushi. I have gotten to know Minh, the sushi chef there, and he made me a salad.

White tuna with butter, garlic, and Ponzu sauce. Sometimes the best meals are not the complicated ones. I appreciate Minh’s suggestion, as salads are not normally menu items I would think to try there.

As for sushi, I got the Autumn Roll and the Blue Crab roll.

The Blue Crab Roll is becoming one of my favorites at Oshi. Like the salad, it is simple and delicious. It’s also inexpensive.

The people at Oshi are all SO NICE. They all know me by name, even though I’ve only been in there a handful of times. They asked what I thought about about some weekly events and special events to get people in the place. Good things are coming soon. Minh told me he will be on WREG Live at 9 next Monday along with Deni Reilly of the Majestic Grille to talk about Downtown Dining Week.

The folks at Oshi gave me one more piece of good news – they have PBR now. They know how to get me in there more often, by carrying the Cadillac of beers!

Here’s some more good news:

What a treat it was to see Dillon Brooks in the Grizzlies’ starting lineup last night. The Grizzlies finally scored a hit with a draft pick. Good to see. This will be a rare week in the fall/winter when FedExForum will not be hosting any basketball. The Grizzlies are on a road trip and the Tigers haven’t got into full swing yet.

A new restaurant has arrived Downtown: Regina’s Cajun Kitchen. It’s listed at 60 N. Main, which would be the Lincoln-American Tower I believe.

Downtown Memphis officials plan to conduct a parking study to determine if we have enough parking spaces and if they are in the right places to accommodate Downtown growth.

As part of the Indie Memphis film festival, a set of short films will be shown at the Halloran Centre tonight (6 PM start time) highlighting the Grizzlies female fan experience. Following the films there will be a discussion with women who love the Grizzlies and defy stereotypes.

The November Downtowners’ bike to lunch happens tomorrow. Bikers can meet up at the Cossitt Library at 11:50 AM and then there will be a 15-minute ride to this month’s destination: Central BBQ. This is a Revolutions sponsored ride so helmets are required, and of course you’ll want to bring a lock too. Free to participate, although obviously you pay for your lunch.

That’ll do it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.

The More You Know… (regarding the time change)

I really didn’t want to do a second post today so my rant about WMC Action News 5 could stay up top, but after surfing social media I just can’t resist.

  1. Daylight Savings Time did not begin today. It ended. We are in Standard Time now, and will be until the second Sunday in March.
  2. There is no “extra hour.” We will have as much sunlight today as we did yesterday, minus a couple of minutes because today is closer to the winter solstice than yesterday.
  3. The sun sets approximately an hour earlier today than it did yesterday. Not an hour later. According to my WeatherBug app the sun will set at 5:01.
  4. The sun rose approximately an hour earlier today than it did yesterday. According to my WeatherBug app, the sun rose at 6:24 this morning.

One more note: If you work an 8-to-5 you might want to go out to the car and check to make sure your headlights are working. You’re going to need them on the drive home tomorrow. :(

WMC Action News 5, I am disappointed in your reporting.

WMC Action News 5 recently did a report that the Mid-South Jewelry and Accessories Fair plans to move out of the Cook Convention Center after many years there. The fair, featuring many items not normally found at Memphis-area stores, will relocate to the Landers Center in Southaven.

Several reasons why were given. For one thing, construction is planned for the Cook Convention Center the next few years, and dust and equipment could inconvenience the fair’s attendees. Secondly, improvements have been made to the Landers Center recently, not surprising since Landers is no doubt flush with cash thanks to its new tenant the Memphis Hustle. I’m fairly sure the Landers Center’s marketing team has been coming a-calling to a lot of conventions held at the Cook, knowing the Cook’s plans for renovations. A third reason is the perception of crime in the area around the Cook.

However, Action News 5 made only one of those reasons the headline for its story.

Downtown crime helps push jewelry fair out of Memphis.

To me, that looks like a sweeps month ratings grab for WMC’s TV audience and clickbait for its online audience. Three reasons were given, but only one was put in the spotlight – the one that makes my neighborhood look bad.

Folks, I have lived down here since February 2002. In all my years being a Downtowner, I have NEVER been the victim of a crime. I probably walk around Downtown about as much as any resident in the area, and I have never had a problem. Statistically the 38103 zip code is among the safest in the city.

We have a Downtown safety patrol that works the area from Front to BB King, from Exchange to GE Patterson, operating on bikes and Segways. You can call them at 901-281-9146 and report any suspicious activity you see. I have called them before and they are responsive and courteous.

If there was a crime problem Downtown, you would be reading about it here. I answer to no one but myself for this blog’s content and am not afraid to go negative when I feel it’s justified. However, I also love my Downtown neighborhood and want people to come down here and experience all that it has to offer. When someone paints an unfair picture of my neighborhood, I will defend it. And I feel an unfair picture was painted by that headline.

WMC, the community puts a lot of trust in you. You’re better than this.

Saturday update: Watch the Memphis Hustle on Facebook Live

Memphis Grizzlies G-League affiliate the Memphis Hustle have announced their promotional activities for tonight’s 7 PM game and tomorrow’s 5 PM game, both at the Landers Center. Although there will be no TV coverage, all Hustle games will be broadcast on Facebook Live, with commentary by Jon Roser (ROSER!!!) and Eli Savoie. Follow Memphis Hustle on Facebook for broadcast games.

As for the promotions, attendees of both the Saturday and Sunday games will get Hustle pom-poms as they enter the arena, and on Saturday, the pom-poms will be passed out by the Grizz Girls. Behind the south basket there will be a Kid Zone with balloon artists, inflatables and face painters. Behind the north basket there will be the Budweiser Backcourt Lounge with yard games and DJ J-Mack.

For Saturday’s game, Local 24’s Chelsea Chandler will sing the National Anthem. The Grizzline and Blue Bunch will be there, with the Beale Street Flippers performing at halftime.

Sunday will be Country Music Night at the Hustle, leading up to next week’s Country Music Awards. There will be live entertainment by country artists. The Grizzlies Grannies and Grandpas will also perform. Ben McLemore of the Grizzlies, on assignment to the Hustle, will make his debut.

Drink shitty beer and win tickets to see the Titans! Tomorrow, Sunday, November 5 at Max’s Sports Bar, purchase any Miller/Coors product and you will receive a raffle ticket. The winner of the raffle gets a set of tickets to the November 12 Titans game and a VIP tailgate party.

From High Ground News: Students at Downtown school Grizzlies Prep are getting ahead because of quality educational programming and a strong network of adult mentors. Grizzlies Foundation programs at Grizz Prep include the TEAM Mentor Program, GrizzFit Kids Bootcamp, CodeCrew, Lunch Buddies, and the Memphis Grizzlies Scholars Program. The program has been expanded this year to serve 5th graders as well as 6th-8th graders.

Off to Bardog for a meeting with BBQ team president John D. After that I’ll head over to Blind Bear for D-RANKS with B-RAD. Happy Saturday everyone. Back tomorrow with more news.

Friday update: Tree lighting and lots more

The annual holiday tree lighting will happen at the corner of Main and Peabody Place on Saturday, November 18 (my birthday!) from 5 to 7 PM. There will be appearances by Fabled Santa, hot cocoa and S’mores, carols by Soulsville Charter Schools, holiday arts & crafts, and a station where kids can write and mail letters to Santa. Holiday ornaments and magic light wands will be for sale, with the light wand sales benefiting St. Jude.

The Memphis Tigers beat Lemoyne-Owne 101-78 last night. The Tigers logo looks pretty snazzy on the new FedExForum video board.

Hoops for Troops gear has arrived in the Grizzlies Store.

India Fest is tomorrow at the Agricenter. Normally I don’t recommend events in Cordova but this one is worth it. Indian cuisine, Bollywood dance shows, clothing, jewelry, and vendors. $5 adults, kids 5-12 $1, kids under 5 free. Supports the Mid-South Food Bank.

Lansky 126 at the Peabody Hotel now has Happy Socks featuring Yellow Submarine. Perfect gift if you have a Beatles fan in your life.

New Memphis is looking to hire an Outreach Leader.

Don’t forget that Ghost River has a lot going on tomorrow to celebrate its taproom’s one-year anniversary.

That’s just weeks before the Royal Rumble, the second most important WWE pay-per-view of the year. The Memphis RAW show should help clarify what can be expected from the red brand at the Rumble.

Great article and great recommendations from Southern Living: Memphis gets its groove back

The Trumpster is off to Asia for a 12-day trip. His daughter Kremlin Barbie flew out a day earlier for the annual World Assembly of Women. Wonder if Mueller will release any more indictments while Mr. Tangerine Man is busy on the other side of the world?

Plans for tonight: With the Tigers having a football game vs. Tulsa, nationally televised on ESPN2, I have my sights set on Max’s Sports Bar after work! Been a while since I watched a Tigers game there. It’s Fireball Friday with $3 shots until 7, and maybe I’ll try something from Max’s new hot dog menu. If I do, I’ll be sure to get a picture. It’s nice to be able to post photos of your dinner on Facebook without crazy people “liking” them and commenting on them. That’s the benefit of a well-curated friends list. :mrgreen: Anyway, I’m outta here for now, back tomorrow with more news.

Stumbling Santa 2017 and Friday news

The 13th annual Stumbling Santa pub crawl has been announced for Saturday, December 2, beginning at 7 PM at the Downtown Flying Saucer. Dress up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, a reindeer, or whatever and stumble with other Santas to bars around Downtown. And I mean, a LOT of Santas… last year there were over 1200 and it was so big that had to close off Peabody Place and put up a canopy for all the participants (wonder what they will do now that Peabody Place has tables and bike lanes and stuff?) There is no cost to attend this event, but they ask that you bring a new toy as a donation to Porter-Leath. They need to raise 6000 toys to make sure all Memphis-area families are covered. Don’t have a Santa suit? You have a month to get one!

For those new to Downtown Memphis, by the way, the first Saturday of December is a BIG day down here. It starts off with the St. Jude Marathon in the morning. Then there’s a Tigers men’s basketball home game at 4. The bars will fill up with people wanting to watch the SEC championship game, which will almost certainly be Alabama vs. Georgia. Then at 7 the Santas stumble. There’s so much to celebrate that weekend that I’m taking Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th off!

The riverfront trails are going to be rebranded as RiverLine, the MBJ reports. Yellow spheres will be placed every 1/8 mile along the 4.75 mile trail connecting the Harahan Bridge river crossing to the Wolf River Greenway.

I will say it once again, University of Memphis president Dr. M. David Rudd is a cool guy.

Dr. Rudd is not going to win any ugly sweater contests with his recent discount purchase, though. To do that he’d have to put on a Tennessee Vols sweater.

Do the Hustle! The final roster for the Grizzlies’ G-league team the Memphis Hustle has been revealed, and former Memphis Tigers teammates Austin Nichols and Trahson Burrell both made it. Also, keep an eye on Dusty Hannahs this season – he was a lot of fun to watch when he played for the Arkansas Razorbacks. I Love Memphis contributor Austin Crowder has a guide to the Hustle that is an excellent read for those unfamiliar with the team. Agreed, the Hustle will be to the Grizzlies as the Redbirds are to the Cardinals, and I also agree that the Hustle will be a way to transition college basketball fans into fans of professional basketball.

Preview of the Brass Door’s new menu. They’ll be back open soon.

Off to work. Probably back at lunchtime with a second Friday post.

Thursday update

The first annual Christmas Onesie party at Tin Roof is set for Friday, December 8. This will be on the Green Room side and free to attend, with Glow Co. performing. $5 Jameson shots and $3 domestics until 11 PM that night. Don’t own a onesie? You have plenty of time to go find one! You can even wear matching onesies to the party with your BFF like my friends Rahul and Tony do!

LUNCHBOXeats is now accepting Thanksgiving orders through November 16 to be picked up Tuesday or Wednesday of Thanksgiving week (Thursday for an additional fee). You can get a full dinner that serves 6 to 8. They have a deluxe package for $170 and a traditional package for $125. You can also order entrees, sides, desserts and beverages on an individual basis. Sides feed 6-8 and in some cases the size can be increased or decreased.

A company in Japan is giving nonsmokers an extra 6 paid days off a year to compensate them for time not spent on smoke breaks. This is an excellent idea.

The Majestic Grille’s famous chili is back on Wednesdays.

The Memphis Tigers host the LeMoyne-Owen Magicians in a pre-season game tonight at FedExForum at 7.

Interesting article: Author and former FBI agent Joe Navarro describes how investigators might have convinced George Papadopoulos to flip.

Short post today. I’ve been dealing with getting a headlight replaced this morning so I haven’t been paying much attention. Back tomorrow with more.

Wednesday update

Save the date: On Saturday, November 11, Memphis Made Brewing Co. celebrates its fourth birthday with a big party called MALTED at its taproom from 1 to 10 PM.

First 50 people get a MALTED glass. They’ll have a bunch of fall and malty beer releases including Rye Felicia! and Orange Drewlius. Live music by Harlan T. Bobo at 3, James & The Ultrasounds at 4:30, and River CityTanlines at 6. Goner DJs Andrew McCalla and Zac Ives will be spinning. Food trucks Yippie Trippie & the Porkstars and MEMPopS will be on site.

Explore Bike Share is looking for a permanent headquarters. They want the HQ to have at least 6000 square feet and be in one of the communities they will serve starting next year: Binghampton, Orange Mound, Midtown, Downtown, Uptown, or South Memphis. Ideally they’d like the location to be central to the entire territory served.

The Commercial Appeal’s Recipe Finder this week has a recipe for banana cream pie from McEwen’s.

The Mid-South Jewelry and Accessories Fair will be at the Cook Convention Center tomorrow through Sunday. 350 booths are expected.

Remember 2009, when stores referred to their sales as a “stimulus,” a play on words on government economic stimulus packages that were passed around that time? Well, the word of 2017 is “leaks.”

Bonus points if the goods being sold were made in Russia.

Memphis’ first bike counter, counting the number of bike rides on the street per day, has been installed on Florida Street north of Virginia Avenue in Downtown’s South End neighborhood.

Ghost River is offering $1 off pints to customers who come to the taproom in Memphis Tigers gear to watch the Tigers vs. Tulsa football game.

SEC rumor: A buyout settlement has been reached for failed Tennessee football coach Butch Jones, and Jones’ agent Jimmy Sexton has been floating his name for four weeks looking for a landing spot. What football program in their right mind would want Butch Jones? A bottom-feeding Conference USA program, maybe?

Free Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell 2-6 today as a result of its Steal a Base, Steal a Taco ad campaign during the World Series.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more.