Donair Poutine @ Kooky Canuck

Poutine is a Canadian classic. French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy… it’s a dish you just can’t go wrong with. One of my very favorite things to order at Kooky Canuck.

A few years ago Kooky expanded their menu and added the Donair, a Halifax, Nova Scotia specialty. The Donair is house-made shaved Gyro meat inside a pita with tomatoes, onions, and a sauce. At one point Lana told me it was her favorite sandwich on the menu. It’s a great little taste of The Maritimes.

When Kooky expanded their menu again recently, they combined two of their signature dishes, creating Donair Poutine. It’s the fries, the cheese, the gravy, but topped with Gyro meat, tomatoes, and onions. A delicious treat to eat. If you take my suggestion to try the Donair Poutine today, be advised that their 34 oz. mixed drinks are only $5 on Tuesdays.

Expect another food post soon, because I have lunch plans with two friends today. Time to get out there and enjoy the last day of my vacation! Back tomorrow with more news.