Saturday update

The bluff is normally our friend. It protects us from Mississippi River flooding. When it snows, however, not so much. I’m hearing that it was near impossible to get from Riverside up to Front on any of the connecting streets – Jefferson, Court, Monroe, Union, Beale – even trucks spinning their wheels and turning sideways. People had to go to Georgia Avenue on the very south side of Riverside to have a shot at getting into Downtown. One of my friends reported an 18-minute drive from Riverside and Georgia to his parking garage at Second and Gayoso. The streets Downtown weren’t salted and were terribly icy. And still are. Be careful if you go out today.

Ghost River is having a cupcakes and beer dinner on Thursday, January 25. The cupcakes will be from Two Girls and a Whip and there will be savory cupcakes and sweet ones, paired with Ghost River beer. The savory cupcakes include a BBQ cupcake and a beef tenderloin cupcake. Yummy!

By the way, Bardog Tavern is now carrying cake from Two Girls and a Whip on its dessert menu.

There will be a percussion explosion tonight at the Cannon Center by the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

The open container proposal for Downtown drew a lot of criticism Thursday. Currently only legal on Beale, the amended ordinance would have allowed open containers of alcohol in most of what is considered Downtown. I was on the fence about this proposal but after reading my friend Patrick Reilly’s comments, I oppose it too. One thing it is not hard to do down here is get a drink. Loosening things up even more would cause more problems than it would create revenue.

Speaking of dranks, yesterday I was scrolling through Twitter looking at Downtown closing announcements due to the ice, and Felicia Suzanne’s was among them for their Friday lunch. It made me realize, it’s been over a year since I did their excellent 25 cent martini lunch that they have only on Fridays. I suggested it to my friend Stacey and we got our friend Mr. Bill in too. It’s on for this coming Friday. Anyone else want to go, let me know… Wednesday or so I will make the reservation.

LITE Memphis is an organization that teaches entrepreneurship to African-America and Latino students in the city. They are currently searching for a full-time outreach assistant.

Just a reminder, Max’s Sports Bar’s 10th anniversary party is today noon to 6. $1.50 PBR and plenty of shenanigans.

Memphis in May is hosting an international teachers’ conference on February 24. Teachers can learn about this year’s honored country, the Czech Republic, and learn how they can promote international studies to enhance their curriculum.

Muddy Magnolias play the Halloran Centre tonight.

The steeple has returned to First United Methodist, 12 years after a 2006 fire.

The Redbirds are holding a seasonal job fair Thursday, January 25. Positions are seasonal and part time and include box office, field crew, bat boy/girl, and Redbirds promotional crew. They are only able to hire people 18 and up. Offers may be made on the spot. More info here.

Perjorie T. Roll wanted me to remind everyone that there’s $2 Fireball at Bardog when it’s snowing. As of the time I am typing this, about 9:30 AM Saturday morning, January 13, it is snowing outside.

Time for Saturday Fun Day. I’m thinking of this as Independence Day in January. Back tomorrow with more news.