Wednesday update

Good news for crawfish lovers! Max’s Sports Bar on G.E. Patterson plans on doing its first boil of the year on Sunday, provided the weather holds up. They have a guy named Glaze who does the boils, and the crawfish are excellent, with just the right amount of spice. Crawfish boxes come with all the trimmings – taters, corn and sausage. Doors open at 11, with food ready around noon.

Slider Inn has a new food truck, the Slider Rider. It will be at the Ghost River taproom Friday night.

Meghan Stuthard of the Memphis Flyer has a great article about Belle Tavern.

A date has been announced for Soup Sunday: February 25. This is an annual event held at FedExForum, a fundraiser for Youth Villages. The best restaurants from all over the city serve soups and compete to see who has the best soup. There are also baked goods and desserts. They give you a crate that holds four bowls, and you walk around to the different restaurants’ tables and get bowls of soup. I will repeat my advice every year: Get there early. The event runs 11-2 but the best restaurants run out of their soups by noon-12:15 or so.

Diana Krall has been announced for a June 30 date at the Orpheum. Krall is a GRAMMY® winning jazz singer who has had 8 albums debut at the top of the Billboard Jazz charts. The date will be part of her “Turn Up The Quiet World” tour.

Friday is South Main Trolley Night. SMA members will be gathering inside the South Main Market food hall at 409 S. Main, where they will receive drink specials from The Civil Pour from 6 to 8.

Spike TV will be filming “Ink Master Angels” at the 5 Spot from 11 AM to midnight today, so be aware of film crews if you’re in the area.

Finding Neverland plays at the Orpheum this week. This musical, based on a critically-acclaimed film, tells the story of Peter Pan.

It’s Wayback Wednesday Fit Night at the Grizzlies, with the first 3000 fans getting a reusable tote bag from Methodist Healthcare. Tip-off is 7 PM and the San Antonio Spurs are the opponent.

I totally agree with what Geoff Calkins is saying: We should trade Tyreke Evans immediately, like, NOW, rather than keeping him until the deadline cobbling together a deal that brings back a late 1st-round pick. That’s no disrespect to Tyreke; in fact, it’s out of respect for what he brings to the table. As Calkins points out, if we keep him for another 2 weeks, we might win 3 extra games, causing us to end up with the number 13 pick in the draft lottery than a top 5 pick. Getting that top fiver is more important than getting a late first-rounder in exchange for Tyreke. We should trade him now for next to nothing.

My friend Ryne Hancock is back with another installment of his 50 things you should know if visiting Mardi Gras for the first time.

Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into Trump, at least on the obstruction of justice part of the investigation, is thought to now be at a critical point. Also, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort’s right hand man who was indicted along with him in October, is thought to be negotiating a plea deal. That’s bad news for Manafort, and for Trump.

That’ll do it for now. Resume time with my career coach coming up. I’m excited!