Thursday update

One of the best pieces of swag of the season will be handed out tomorrow night at FedExForum. First 5000 fans through the door get a Marc Gasol Million Dollar Strut bobblehead.

In other Grizzlies news, Dillon Brooks has been named to the Rising Stars Challenge that happens during All-Star Weekend. The challenge involves up-and-coming talent in their first or second year in the NBA, and pits 10 American players vs. 10 world players. Being from Ontario, Brooks will play for the “world” team. Wow… rare situation where I think I’m going to have to root against my own country for one night.

Terribly sorry to hear about the closing of Memphis Jubilee Schools, which will displace about 1500 low-income students who were getting a first-class education. I have friends involved in Jubilee and they have shared with me what a wonderful thing it is.

Segway Memphis has a heck of a deal this Friday-Sunday: A 1-hour ride and scavenger hunt for only $20. Grand prize for the hunt is a 30″ x 44″ Canvas Wrap valued at $750. Call 901-497-5200 to make a reservation. Segway Memphis is located at 136 G.E. Patterson.

Downtown Yoga is offering a Foundations of Iyengar workshop Friday-Saturday, February 23-24.

No booze on Main: After hearing from stakeholders, Councilman Martavius Jones withdrew his proposed amendment that would allow open containers Downtown. I agree this is the right move. Alcohol is already plenty accessible down here.

Memphis Greenspace has announced its plan to improve two parks in or near Downtown following the removal of Confederate statues.

It’s Food Truck Thursday in Court Square. May I suggest you stop by the RAWK’n Grub food truck for lunch? Their food is delicious and Chef Steph has been a great friend to me as I have seen my way through a tough time recently. By the way, I’m going to do a second post, a personal one, here in a bit.

If you’ve been hearing about Special Counsel Mueller interviewing Trump’s inner circle and requesting an interview with Trump himself, and you’re curious what’s really going on, Tea Pain has an excellent Twitter thread. Mueller is going after Team Trump for espionage and money laundering, but the easiest offense to prove – and the most impeachable – is obstruction of justice. It’s the quickest path to getting Trump out of power and out of office, ending the immediate threat to democracy. Once he’s just a regular citizen, he can much more easily be prosecuted for the other charges, most likely at the state level. I have read that New York Attorney General Schneiderman is pursuing a parallel case on the money-laundering front. By the way, I saw the best nickname for Trump ever yesterday on Twitter: “the orange shitgibbon.”

That’s it for now. Personal post on its way.