Friday update

I got my resume completed this morning. Next week I will do a detailed post about my experience and what my ideal job would look like, but wanted to go ahead and post it today for those who have been waiting to send it to their contacts.

I want to warn everybody about something. Lately there have been these two women, one petite and very pretty, dressed like a prostitute, and the other more heavyset, hanging out in the Downtown core. Sometimes they will be inside the bars; other times they will be cruising the streets in front of the bars. They will approach a guy and try to get him to take them home within minutes of meeting him. “Hey baby! You fine! Let’s go have a good time!” Just remember everyone – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. They are suspected of working with a male accomplice who stays in the background until the time is right.

The Blue Suede Brigade is hiring. These representatives of the Downtown Memphis Commission walk the streets of the area. They serve two functions. They serve as a safety patrol, supplementing the Memphis Police Department to ensure Downtown remains Memphis’ safest neighborhood. They also serve as ambassadors, helping visitors to the area find everything they are looking for. Here’s a video describing the Blue Suede Brigade, and here’s a link to more information about the positions.

There’s a podcast recorded at The Brass Door every week. Roundtable of Hooligans discusses everything related to soccer. The podcast has a Facebook page that you can “Like” to keep up with news.

Wiseacre is hosting Flowers and Chocolate brewery tours Saturday, February 10 at 2, 4, and 6 PM. Their idea of flowers and chocolate is hops and barley. Brewery tour will include an in-depth look at why these two ingredients make beer so sweet. After that there will be multiple pairings of Wiseacre beer and Dinstuhl’s chocolate. Tickets are $20 and note that last year’s event sold out early.

There’s an opening for the Out of Africa exhibition at Art Village Gallery, 410 S. Main, tonight.

That’s it for now. I’m going to get dressed and drive to South Main to try  the Ono Poke Pop-Up Lunch at Ghost River, then back home to work on my LinkedIn page.