Lots of Sunday news: My dream chair, Belle Tavern charcuterie, learn about being on a nonprofit board, more

The Brass Door is giving away a BEAUTIFUL chair at its St. Patrick’s Day party next month.

Me sitting in a PBR chair, wearing my PBR hoodie, drinking a PBR. Best photo ever.

But wait, there’s more. The seat is a pull-out cooler.

Be sure to come to Brass Door on March 17 for a chance to win. Downtown’s Irish public house will be the place to party on St. Patrick’s Day.

Leadership Memphis is having a seminar on March 22, open to the public, on serving on a nonprofit board of directors. Brian J. Stephens, CEO of Caissa Public Strategy, will lay out the ABCs, expectations, and commitments associated with being on a nonprofit board. I served on the board of young professionals’ organization MPACT Memphis 2004-2005 and I can tell you, it is a very rewarding way to give back to the community and help shape the future of an organization you care about. It looks great on a resume and LinkedIn as well.

In recent weeks I have been hearing that Belle Tavern has an amazing butcher board/charcuterie/meat & cheese plate. I haven’t been hungry enough to swing by myself and give it a try, but this weekend they tweeted a photo.

Holy damn. That’s one of the best looking butcher boards I’ve ever seen. I need to get by there and try this. Although, I’ll probably need to fast for a day to be hungry enough to tackle it.

Wild Bill’s, the legendary juke joint on Vollintine in North Memphis, is back open Friday and Saturday nights. Doors open at 8, music at 9, and the place stays open until 3.

Seeing the writing on the wall that South Main is about to kick into overdrive in 2018, the Arcade is expanding. Front room will remain the same but they will enlarge the back room.

Tamp & Tap has added sandwiches, salads, and pastas from Passione Foods to their grab & go. Franco from Tap & Tap tried Passione’s creations at Miss Cordelia’s and immediately knew he had to start carrying them. He got in touch with the owner and within a day they had an agreement. The food flew off the shelves Friday but they will re-stock tomorrow.

The Blind Bear has added Pig Tail Porter, a brew made by Diamond Bear from my home town of Little Rock (North Little Rock, if you insist on being technical) to their tap selection. By the way, for my friends who are into craft beer, Little Rock is an easy weekend trip with a number of great breweries.

Proud Voter and the Tennessee Equality project have a website where you can register to vote, sign up for election reminders, and check to make sure your registration is valid.

Already getting “thanks for the Maciel’s recommendation” messages from readers who live in the University of Memphis area. True, authentic Mexican that is a must-try.

Moody Ques teammates – got a few things to share. Going to get an email out in the next day or two, but since many of you read this blog I’ll put it here as well:

First of all, we handed in our 2018 BBQ Fest application on Friday. In doing so, we had to write a check that almost completely drained our bank account. We really need people to pay their dues so we have money to pay vendors and other expenses that will be coming our way in March and April. You can pay on the team website or email moodyques@gmail.com to arrange payment by check or cash.

Secondly, at the last planning meeting we talked about forming a sponsorship committee. If you would be interested in being a part of it, email moodyques@gmail.com. The more the merrier when it comes to pursuing sponsors, and this is an excellent way to step into a leadership role.

Thirdly, I have had potential members hesitate to pay and join for 2018 because they are concerned they won’t be able to get their invited guests into the booth. Member/guest experience at the door is a first impression and therefore I see it as a public relations matter. I’ve talked with our vice-president about it and it is going to be an agenda item at our next meeting.

We also had one of Downtown’s premier bartenders approach us about working our bar. Not sure we can make that work from a financial standpoint, but the fact that she reached out and let us know that the Moody Ques are her preferred team is quite a compliment.

Excellent quote about sports figures using their fame as a platform to express their political views:

That’ll do it for this post. Back tomorrow or Tuesday with more news. Shaping up to be a full week of skills tests and interviews.