Saturday update

Last night I ended up at the Blind Bear. At one point I looked at my phone. “12:08,” I thought. “Time to pay my tab and get home and get a good night’s rest.”

Then I looked at the TV. “Gold medal match in men’s curling starts in 22 minutes.” Argh! So much for getting a good night’s sleep. Like many, I have become addicted to curling the past two weeks. So much strategy. It’s a thinking person’s sport.

After 5 ends (ends are kind of like innings in baseball) I was so tired I couldn’t take it anymore. I paid up and walked home and went to bed. I wish I hadn’t. The Americans pulled off a miracle 5-stone score in the 8th end en route to winning the gold via a 10-7 upset of Sweden. What a win for the USA. This is nearly on the level of the 1980 Miracle on Ice for the U.S. hockey team.

There’s a Winter Festival of Lights Gala tonight in the upper ballroom of 409 South Main. Food from area restaurants, live music, a DJ, dancing, and cocktails. Proceeds will benefit an effort to turn 333 Adams at Danny Thomas into a facility for homeless women. It will be a live/work facility with the women being able to work in the on-site coffeehouse inside the building.

Soup Sunday is tomorrow at FedExForum, benefiting Youth Villages. Sorry for being a broken record but I am going to say this one last time. Doors open at 11 and you want to be standing outside at 10:55. When they let you in, don’t get in line behind everyone else at the first soup serving station past the door. Seek out the restaurants whose soups you want to try the most before the place gets busy. The most popular restaurants will run out of soup after about an hour to 75 minutes.

Which restaurants to seek out? Well, I admit I am partial to this place for more reasons than soup, but Bardog Tavern is a multi-time winner of the People’s Choice vote for best soup.

I was down at South Main Trolley Night yesterday and noticed that Sache, set to close April 1, has everything on sale. There were racks of $1 shirts and $3 shirts and there were 50% off signs all over the store. They posted to Facebook that they are liquidating everything – furniture, screen printing equipment, salon equipment, office equipment, hangers, clothing racks, shirts, even their T-shirt machine.

There’s a game that teaches people how to spread misinformation, how to spread fake news. Hmmm I can think of one person who would be a Grand Champion at this game.

Check out the City of Memphis’ new mobile-friendly website.

IHOP is giving away free short stacks this Tuesday 7 AM to 7 PM.

Here’s the official document spelling out the plea deal for Rick Gates, who was Paul Manafort’s right-hand man. Remember, Gates was hit with 32 new charges earlier this week. Yet, the government is willing to pursue only two of them if Gates cooperates. That tells us he has some good stuff that Mueller can use to reel in the big fish. I also read yesterday that three indictments are on their way to London. Betcha one of them is for Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, currently hiding out in the Ecuadorean embassy there.

That’ll do it for now! Time to go out in the rain.