Saturday update

Music on Main kicks off today at 11 AM. This concert series was established by South of Beale and Shawn Gates of MyBlock Music. There will be free, family-friendly performances by School of Rock Memphis and the Visible Music College Performance Band. Promoting local music and South Main, there will be event-themed drinks and giveaways.

Can’t make it to Memphis for the MLK50 program on Wednesday? No problem, it will be streaming live from 10 to 6:30 that day. Allow extra time for driving if you come Downtown. There will be 100,000 to 150,000 people in the area, and if former presidents attend that will require additional security.

I wonder where President Trump will play golf on Wednesday…

Whiskey news!

J-E-double F,  J-A-double R-E-double T, “Double J,” Jeff Jarrett, will make an appearance at Jerry Lawler’s Bar and Grill this afternoon at 2:30. Jarrett is the co-founder of TNA Wrestling, a former NWA and TNA world champion, and was known as “The King of the Mountain” in that promotion. Known best for smashing guitars over his opponents’ heads, Jarrett was also WCW world champion and WWF Intercontinental champion. He will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 6 days. This afternoon at King Lawler’s he will be available for autographs and photos.

Hey King… when we getting a Reggie B. Fine appearance at your bar? Maybe in June when it’s appropriate weather for him to put the fur coat on? We need to get him out to mingle with all us low-budgets.

The Mountaintop, a fictional depiction of Dr. King’s last night on Earth, will be performed tonight at the Halloran Centre. It is set entirely in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel.

If you go to SneakFest today at FedExForum, you’ll get a complimentary ticket to the Grizzlies game vs. Sacramento on April 6. With Zach Randolph and Vince Carter on the Kings’ roster, the game will be a blast from the past.

The Easter Bunny will be at Bass Pro today for those of you who want a picture with your kids.

Today at 1, professional dance instructors will lead Dancing for the Dogs at Rumba Room. $10 per person, benefiting Blackwell Animal Rescue Center which has rescued over a thousand animals in the past 3 years.

Yesterday for lunch I went back to Cafe Med across Kirby Parkway from where I work. I walked this time and it was absolutely no problem. With a divider in the median, I only had to cross half of Kirby at one time. I got the Aleppo gyro yesterday.

The Aleppo has gyro meat, pesto, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and roasted peppers. Once again they piled it so high with meat that I couldn’t finish it. I have to say, I never thought about pesto and cheese on a gyro but it was quite good. This will be one of the go-to items I get from the place I have decided is my walkable go-to restaurant across the street. Next on the agenda for me is the Spartan gyro with hot giardiniera.

Do I have any Syrian readers, and if so, do you really put provolone on your gyros? I suspect that the gyros are named for important cities in the region where gyros are common, and the names don’t really reflect how gyros are actually made in those cities.

I’m discovering that I have quite a few restaurants that are walkable from work: Cafe Med, One and Only BBQ, Tropical Cafe, Danver’s (yes it is open and it is a Danver’s), City East Bagel, T.J. Mulligan’s, and Jersey Subs. If I cross Poplar then Swanky’s, Petra, and George Lapides favorite Mister B’s are also in play. Other walkable dining options include the dumpster behind Bougie Kroger and McDonald’s, but I will try to avoid those. There’s also a First Tennessee ATM within walking distance of work. It’s a drive-thru ATM but yes, I will be “that guy” who walks up to it.

You know what’s odd? Last night I was out at the Blind Bear. That was supposed to be my reward for a week of work, but you know what I was doing? I was on the maps app on my phone, looking at websites, trying to decide where I’m going to eat lunch on Monday. I’m actually looking forward to Mondays now…

Not to fast-forward through the weekend, though, because there is important business to be done. Today I will support our BBQ team president John D as he wraps up a major deal. Can’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but this deal plus loosening up our door policy will return us to the party team feel we had for many years but were lacking last year. This is also a move that will do wonders for our tip jar. I may have an announcement as soon as tomorrow.

I’m wearing our 2016 team T-shirt featuring Terrance and Phillip today. “Stuff your fat cap face Uncle Faux’cue…You’re a brisket biting, broasting Uncle Faux’cue…” Some of our team members dislike that shirt, finding it offensive. I disagree. I think it’s brilliant. If you don’t get the reference, see below. (If you’re reading this blog at work I would put headphones on)

That’ll do it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.