This bitch

Last Sunday I led off at Pontotoc Lounge for brunch. Pontotoc, re-opened last November by Daniel Masters (Silly Goose/Civil Pour), is known for soft jazz playing in the background. For their newly-started brunch they have items like a chorizo scramble, banana nut French toast, a grit BLT and bagels & lox. They have a big breakfast as well, and for those not hungry for breakfast food their famous Mississippi pot roast is on the brunch menu.

And they also have this bitch.

Yep. D-RANKS with B-RAD will happen every Sunday at Pontotoc Lounge brunch from 11 to 3. I went down there last Sunday and got there right at 11. It started off slow but by 12:30 most of the tables and the bar area were full, with a mix of Brad’s regulars, South Main people, and people pre-gaming for Wicked at the Orpheum.

Couple of things that are different: First of all, it is all ages and there were a few kids in there last Sunday. That means I am going to have to be a little bit better behaved. Got to think twice about dropping the F bomb or speculating out loud on the things Brad’s regulars Rahul and Tony do when they’re all alone behind closed doors. Secondly, because all ages are allowed, you can’t smoke at the bar. You have to go outside.

It will be good to have a South Main spot to visit for brunch. I know my Squeal Street friends used to come there now and then when it was Cafe Pontotoc. Hope to see you there some Sunday in the near future! It’d be good to catch up. Brad has some good stories about me. He might have some good stories about other people you know, too!

Just to make it clear… I am in no way abandoning the Blind Bear as my Sunday brunch spot. With Pontotoc brunching until 3 and Blind Bear until 6, I have plenty of time to do both! My tentative plan is to lead off at Bear on the days I would suspect kids would be at Pontotoc – Orpheum show days, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Easter, which is today. The other weeks I will reverse the order.

Happy Easter! However, I have some advice for you… if you walk the streets of Downtown today, pretend to be Jewish. I just went to get breakfast (pint of Oreo ice cream and a 1-liter Mountain Dew) from City Market and the bums at the Madison Avenue trolley stop wished me happy Easter. If you say “happy Easter” back, though, they’ll go into their standard spiel of “Hey big time, let me aks you a question…” and of course the question will be can they have a dolla.

Check back tomorrow for more news, including BIG news about who will be pouring drinks at the BBQ team booth.