Bagel & Lox at Pontotoc Lounge brunch

Yesterday I went to Pontotoc Lounge for D-RANKS with B-RAD and their Sunday brunch. I gave their bagel and lox a try.

Every bit as good as it looked, and I posted the photo to Facebook and it brought more people up to Pontotoc to give it a try. I’m normally a PBR guy but after finishing off my food, my troll and I decided to order a mimosa.

A great start to the day, and a dish I will happily order again.

Unfortunately I got an unwanted babysitting assignment along with my brunch. Rahul was being a whiny little bitch because I sat in “his” seat, and Tony… well, let’s not even discuss Tony’s behavior because it might discourage people from coming to the restaurant. Let’s just say he referred to a certain bodily function throughout the course of the afternoon.

That’ll do it for now. Tired out from a big weekend. Back tomorrow with more news.