Thursday update

Great news for those who love the riverfront: There’s finally funding to complete the riverwalk so that Martyrs Park and Big River Crossing will be connected to the rest of the Downtown riverfront. The funding came as part of the $5 million “Reimagining the Civic Commons” grant.

Thumpdaddy, an interactive band that plays dance hits from the ’60s to today, headlines the Peabody rooftop tonight. $10 cover, $20 VIP, ladies and hotel guests free before 7. Admission includes a buffet of smoked chicken legs and jalapeno dip with Ritz crackers. If you’re in VIP you get a second buffet of BBQ smoked sausage on a stick, bacon beef sliders, and Peabody fried chips.

Craig Campbell and Danielle Bradbery play KIX on Beale tonight at 7:30. This is a free concert, sponsored by KIX 106, at Handy Park on Beale Street. It is free to the public and is open to all ages. Listen to the radio station today for the chance to win VIP passes.

If you feel like doing some jewelry shopping tonight, there will be a “Kendra Gives Back” party benefiting the Memphis Farmers Market tonight at Kendra Scott, 7515 Poplar in Saddle Creek, 5-8 PM. There will be refreshments and sweets, and 20% of any purchase made between 5 and 8 goes to the Market.

Anime Blues Con comes to the Cook Convention Center tomorrow through Sunday.

Random thing I learned from a National Weather Service tweet yesterday: You shouldn’t take a shower or do the dishes while it’s storming outside. Lightning can travel through the pipes and electrocute you.

You know, it’s weird… I’ve driven out to the Germantown Parkway/Exeter area to eat at Asian restaurants numerous times, and yet up until yesterday I had never been to the Asian restaurant right across the street from where I work, Sekisui East. So yesterday at 11 I crossed Kirby Parkway and went over there, and…

…found myself crossing back only a few minutes later. You see, Sekisui East doesn’t open for lunch until 11:30. I went back to work and tried again a half hour later.

I got the Nabeyaki Soda (Udon also available), a soup with fish cake, egg, shrimp tempura, and vegetables.

The shrimp tempura came on a separate plate, although in photos of this dish I have often seen it in the bowl with everything else so I posed it that way for the photo. It came with a shaker of chili pepper if I wanted to spice up my soup, but I didn’t use it. The white thing with the pink edges is the fish cake, and the round brown thing that looks like it has a flower on it is a very pretty mushroom. The flavor of the noodles was good and this was an interesting dish overall. As with most noodle soups, I had to let it cool down for a few minutes because it was too hot to eat.

I will be back at Sekisui East soon. I want to try their lunch box of chicken teriyaki, shrimp and vegetable tempura, and seaweed. It comes with miso or clear soup and a house salad (oh by the way the Nabeyaki Soba came with a house salad as well). You know, up until recently I’ve always ordered miso soup when given the choice because “clear” soup sounded so boring. However, I’ve since learned that clear soup is made with chicken broth, whereas miso has tofu in it (yuck). Clear soup it is from now on.

That’ll do it. Back tomorrow with more news.