Friday update

This week I’ve been watching a lot of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and I’ve really been enjoying it. I had the misconception that Shark Week was all about those Sharknado movies and other similarly stupid content. But, no. They show the divers using technology to track the sharks and to learn how to prevent attacks on humans. Good stuff.

The most interesting fact I learned this week: If you want to attract great white sharks without using chum or bait, play death metal under water. No kidding, this really worked.

The Orpheum ramps its Summer Movie Series into high gear this weekend with 1939 children’s classic The Wizard of Oz tonight at 7. Doors open at 6; come early for drink specials, a photo booth, and movie-themed activities.

Then tomorrow at the Orpheum starting at 5, it’s a double feature of the 1978 movie Superman and 1989’s Batman. Your $8 ticket price ($6 children 12 and younger) gets you both movies. Doors open at 4 for activities in the lobby.

I want to tell a quick story, and those of you who organize events in the Memphis area should pay attention. Yesterday afternoon I was at the Silly Goose with my “DAWG” John D. “So what was this butcher block thing?” he asked me.

“The Butcher Board Festival?” I replied. “Yeah, it happened last Sunday at 409 South Main. It was a celebration of charcuterie, meat and cheese plates. It was really good.”

“Hmmm,” John D replied. “Your blog post this week was the first I had heard of it.” John is one of many people over the past few years who have decided to get off Facebook. People have various reasons for doing so: Tired of reading about people’s drama, tired of narcissistic posts, tired of irrelevant stuff in their news feed, concern over their personal data being used in unwanted ways. So, if you are promoting an event, make sure you cover other social media channels as well as Facebook to make sure people who have made the same decision as John hear your message.

More information about Breakaway-Bardog 5K and Monroe Fest being kept cool this year: Cooling stations will be supplied by Briggs Equipment.

Job news: The Memphis Oral School for the Deaf has an Assistant Teacher position open, and the Memphis International Airport has 3 positions.

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina is cooperating with federal prosecutors. If true, that is horrible news for the National Rifle Association.

If any of you work for a company that has transportation/logistics needs, including truckload, less than truckload, intermodal, or even export/import hit me up at A very good friend of mine with 15+ years in the industry is looking to grow his business. He will take great care of you and I would be happy to make the introductions.

I have the afternoon to myself, so I think I’ll walk over to Bardog and see what their lunch specials are. Later in the day I’ll hit up happy hour at Silly Goose. On the fence about heading down to Trolley Night. I want to go but there are certain people down in that area I just don’t care to see. Back tomorrow with more news.