Monday update: Beale street fight, Adam Wainwright pitching tonight, more

I love to use this blog to promote all that is good about Downtown Memphis, to get people from other parts of the city and people from other places to come down here and experience my neighborhood. Occasionally, though, I have to go negative. I regret that this is one of those days.

About 2:45 AM Saturday night/Sunday morning, a large brawl broke out on Beale Street between Rum Boogie and Silky’s. It resulted in a man being stabbed.

Think of all the tourists on the street who witnessed the fight and got the impression that, this is Memphis.

Go to YouTube and search for “Beale Street Fight.” You’ll find plenty to watch, and I don’t mean just this past weekend’s fight.

I hope this serves as an impetus for the City Council to implement the security recommendations for Beale in a recent consultant’s study. Reinstating Beale Street Bucks won’t eliminate all fights on the street, but it would decrease their likelihood. Former DMC president Paul Morris:

Also, we need more police officers on Beale. I don’t mean officers sitting in the comfort of their air-conditioned squad cars at the intersection of Beale and B.B. King. I mean officers on foot, visible, actively deterring crime. I know the force has been stretched thin lately, but with Mayor Strickland turning the numbers around and more graduating from the police academy, I hope this can be addressed in the coming years.

On to better news: St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright has been sent to the Redbirds on a rehab assignment. He will pitch for Memphis in tonight’s final regular season home game at AutoZone Park. First pitch is 6:35. Get a ticket to the game that includes a Waino bobblehead here. 

Over the weekend, the Redbirds clinched their division title, the second in two years.

Grizzlies announcer Pete Pranica announced a change of plans. Instead of being sent to India to train local basketball announcers, he will be sent to Japan.

Sources I follow in the intelligence community suggest that Donald Trump’s eldest spawn Don Jr. might get indicted this week.

From what I’ve read, Ivanka and Eric will eventually be indicted too, but not before the midterm elections.

Usually, when a statesman with the stature of John McCain passes away, the flags at the White House are ordered to be flown at half staff. However, because Trump is a bitter, petty man who hated McCain, the flags remain at full staff today. Tea Pain had this to say about Trump’s decision:

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more