Saturday update

Belle Tavern is opening early for soccer this morning. They’ll have Huddersfield vs. Spurs at 9 and Chelsea vs. Liverpool at 11:30.

Steve Martin and Martin Short play the Orpheum tonight at 8.

A lot of people were sad to see Sam’s restaurant forced to close when construction began on the Hu complex at Main and Madison. Well, good news… on Monday, Sam’s Main Street Eatery will open at 7 N. Main, just north of Well Worx and just steps away from the old location.

If you’ve walked around town much, you’ve undoubtedly seen gtizzlies, tigers, and redbirds painted on restaurant windows. The Memphis Flyer has an article about Calvin Farrar, the man behind the artwork.

Dennis Quaid and the Sharks play the Halloran Centre tonight at 7:30. Bailey Bigger will open the show.

The Memphis Tigers looked really bad last night, losing to Tulane 40-24. I was watching at Blind Bear but I tabbed out and went home at the beginning of the fourth quarter. They clearly weren’t going to turn it around. The Tigers will probably achieve bowl eligibility this season, but the Top 25 seems like a distant wish at this point.

A moment of silence was held for Phil Trenary at South Main Trolley Night last night. After the moment of silence, celebration of Trolley Night’s 18th anniversary began, because that’s the way Trenary would have wanted it.

I want to go ahead and get this posted since I led off with a time-sensitive item. If necessary I will do a second update later this morning before getting out.