Tuesday update

One of Memphis’ biggest races of the year happens Downtown this Saturday. The Susan G. Komen Memphis Race for the Cure happens at AutoZone Park, with the goal of raising $750,000 to fight breast cancer. Those of you who have to drive Downtown Saturday morning, make note of the race map and be sure to allow extra time.

The musical Waitress comes to the Orpheum January 15-20, and they are looking for two local young girls to perform the role of Lulu during the Memphis run of the show. Auditions will happen November 2 at the Halloran Centre, Click the link to sign up. This could be a huge break for two young ladies with an interest in theater. Think how performances on one of the South’s grandest stages would look on a college admissions application!

Got news on a couple different job openings today. Moriah House is seeking a counselor. If you are a lady who has a heart for ministering to other women and helping them rebuild their lives, this could be the job for you.

I saw on Facebook yesterday that B.B. King’s club on Beale is seeking Operations Managers.

The Brooks Museum plans to move Downtown, atop the river bluff at the corner of Front and Union. The competition to design the new museum has drawn a response from all over the world, with architectural firms from the United States, Europe, Canada, and Asia submitting designs.

Richard Wilson plays original soulful blues and gospel at the Brass Door this Friday night, October 26, from 7 to 10.

Another new electric vehicle has hit the streets of Downtown Memphis, although this one is not a ride-sharing concept. Meet the Moke.

There will be a Downtown Master Plan launch party at Loflin Yard on November 8, 5:30-7:30 PM. The DMC wants to hear from you because YOU are the expert – tell them what you want to see in Downtown’s future. This is a ticketed event but it is free, and your RSVP gets you a drink ticket, as well as a chance to win either Grizzlies tickets or tickets to The Evolution of Cocktails on December 22.

Memphis historian Jimmy Ogle, famous for being the Peabody Duckmaster and for his tours of Downtown, gets his note on Beale Street on November 2.

And speaking of Peabody Duckmasters:

The last Hot Rods on Beale of the year happens tonight from 6 to 10.

Last night I returned to the Silly Goose for the second week of poker with the River Rat Rounders.

I won some hands here and there, but Lady Luck was not sending me the hands I wanted. I got a lot of face card-low card combinations like K-7 and J-2. Novice players think those are good hands, but they’re actually hands that get you into trouble. Often you will pair the face card and then find that your kicker is no good.

Still, I fought on as long as I could. In what was a very weird pot, I was in the big blind. Two players called and, with a crappy Ten high, I decided to see the flop for free. Everybody checked the flop, turn, and river, and my Ten high turned out to be the best hand. Everyone missed the board entirely. I think that may be the worst hand with which I have ever won a pot.

The kicker trouble I described above got the best of me, and I was the last one eliminated before the final table. Still, though, when you look back at a poker game, the question is not “Did I win?” but “Am I satisfied with the way I played?” I was. Sometimes you just don’t get the cards.

I continue to be impressed with the way the River Rats run the games. We had a new player last night, and he was truly new to the game – he didn’t know what hands beat what, or what a “check” is. I really appreciated the way Teresa and Tucker took him under his wing and made him feel welcome. We were all newcomers to the game at some point in our lives.

My troll had trouble standing on the felt overlays again this week, and so I lay her down in the chip holder in front of me.

I never noticed what dirty feet she has! And to think, I’ve been standing her on plates next to my food. I am going to have to wash my troll before I go out today.

That’s it for now. Going to grab a sandwich from Lisa’s Lunchbox here in a minute. Back tomorrow with more news.