Friday update

There will be a drunk debate competition at Loflin Yard 7-9 PM Thursday, December 27. Two contestants at a time will square off pro and con on controversial topics. This will be a three-round contest, the debates getting progressively more intense each round. Free to enter if you’re having food and drink. Top three debaters win prizes and there will also be a prize for the ugliest sweater.

414 South Main, formerly the home of 99 Cent Soul Food, is up for foreclosure auction. Bidding closes on December 13. With the National Civil Rights Museum right around the corner, that is a prime spot for a business.

The Peabody has its holiday decorations up in the lobby:

The neon arches at the ends of the Beale Street entertainment district are doing their job and getting publicity for the street. The artist who designed the arches says they have been seen nearly 1 million times on social media posts and online videos.

It’s Tiger time! The U of M football team plays to win the AAC West at 11 on ABC. I’m going to head down to the Blind Bear for their lunch and game watching. Back tomorrow with more news.