Monday update

Yesterday I brunched at Pontotoc Lounge, and they have expanded their brunch menu. Of particular note is a pastrami hash, featuring house-made pastrami, in an iron skillet with two eggs. I did not try it but I was told it was out of this world. Also, given how many vegetarians come to Sunday brunch there, they have added a vegetable frittata. There is also a hangover Benedict and a granola parfait. In addition, they have added a quiche of the day and waffle French toast of the day, which will change weekly based on whatever idea the chef comes up with.

After that my plan was to go to Max’s Sports Bar and watch the Memphis Tigers game. Bartender PBjarRni posted that multiple people had messaged him and asked him what time Max’s would be opening (normal time is 4:30, except on Saturdays when it’s 11, and they open early for NFL, college football, and Grizzlies and Tigers games). He said opening time would be 2. Suggestion for Max’s and other bars that have variable opening times: When not opening at your normally scheduled time, have the opening time on the bar’s Facebook and Twitter accounts at least 1 day in advance. Don’t count on people messaging bartenders to figure it out.

It was a good day at Max’s, so warm outside that I had to shed my outer layers of clothing and watch the game in my Trolls movie T-shirt. I was especially pleased to learn that two people who sit at the corner table at Max’s have purchased the book I recommended, The Gaslighting Effect by Reva Steenbergen. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the effort to understand me. It really means a lot. If you read that book you will understand what I’ve been going through since 2014 and in particular why 2015 was such a rough year for me.

We have wintry precip in the forecast, and this is particularly important for those of you who hang out at Bardog late night. According to WeatherBug, rain will move in about 7 this evening, with the temperature rapidly falling. By midnight the rain will change over to snow. $2 Fireball at Bardog when it’s snowing! I don’t partake in Fireball anymore but it’s fun to be there listening to people chanting “SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW” as the change-over is imminent.

By the way, and this is tentative and subject to change, I’m leaning toward Bardog as the best Super Bowl watch option next Sunday. If I stick with that plan I will probably lead off there at 11, as I often do on Saturday, and stick around the entire day.

The Broom Closet at 546 S. Main is having an Introduction to Remote Viewing class in August. No, this is not a class about setting up Remote Desktop Connection on your PC. Rather, it is about using extrasensory perception and the senses of the mind to pick up what is going on with a distant or unseen target. No experience in this field is necessary. It’s a limited-size class and the cost is $35.

Developer Billy Orgel plans to save two buildings on Front Street, at 99 and 105 S. Front. These are the buildings that housed two longtime and now-closed restaurants, The Pier and The Butcher Shop.

For those of you who are sad that the Saints got robbed of their 2019 Super Bowl opportunity, you can relive the glory days at Loflin Yard. Sunday they will show the 2010 Super Bowl, which the Saints won. They’ll have a New Orleans menu and $2 Bud Light, and if anyone cares about this year’s Super Bowl, they’ll have that game on too. They’ll also have NFL Ref Olympics, consisting of games of cornhole and darts played blindfolded.

The Arkansas gate of Big River Crossing is once again closed due to rising water on the Mississippi River.

A trolley car (number 455) is being tested on the Main Street Mall this week. It won’r be accepting customers during this test run.

Earth, Wind & Fire are coming to the Orpheum on Tuesday, May 14. Argh! Why do all these good shows have to come here during BBQ Fest week?

Cordelia’s Market has announced its Pick 3 promotion in its grab & go case. Pick 1 protein, pick 2 sides and it’s $9.99.

The Memphis Grizzlies host their fifth home game in 8 days tonight, taking on the Denver Nuggets at FedExForum at 7 PM. After tonight the Grizzlies go on the road for 3 games, and as we near the trade deadline it’s possible that not all the current Grizz players will return from the trip.

Well, I only got one of my three Royal Rumble predictions right. It was a great show, although I have to say it was overshadowed by NXT Takeover on the WWE Network the night before. For those of you who have yet to watch the Rumble, I won’t tell you which prediction I got right.