Tuesday update

Over the past three days I have received many messages and words of support. Thank you all. I have been offered two temporary jobs so I can make some short-term money, one cataloging resources for the homeless for a local church, and another building out a friend’s website. I am truly lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

And then there’s this guy:

Okay, let’s get on to the news.

Residents of one city in the UK have a new strategy to encourage their city to fill in potholes: They spray-paint phallic symbols around them. Maybe we should try that here in Memphis. I mentioned it on Facebook and one person commented: “We’d run out of paint.”

Riverside Drive is down to two lanes today between Beale and Georgia as prep work is under way for Memphis in May. Tomorrow through May 27 it will be closed altogether. If you need to get on I-55 S coming out of Downtown, the detour route is Second to G.E. Patterson, left on G.E. Patterson, right on B.B. King, right on Crump, and you’ll see a cloverleaf to get on I-55. Be careful though – there is merging traffic right there.

MemphisWeather.net shows a 40% chance of rain on Friday for Music Fest and a 50% chance of rain on Saturday. Best bet is to get a disposable poncho at Walgreens or one of the gift shops on Beale. These can be kept in your pocket or purse and used if needed.

Here’s a photo of goat yoga that I saw happening in Health Sciences Park on Saturday.

I must say, it looks like they got some rather anti-social goats. They’re not interacting with the people much.

I found a good website called Rainy Mood that provides background noise to help soothe you at work or wherever you need it.

Sage’s House of Sage cocktail is featured in Jennifer Biggs’ Bar Talk in The Daily Memphian. It’s made with Uncle Nearest, named for the first African-American master distiller.

Sabor Caribe, the Venezuelan restaurant in The Edge, is looking for a server/waiter to work 11:30 AM through 2:30 PM Monday through Friday. They prefer someone who speaks both Spanish and English. Call 901-425-5889 to set up an interview.

Ever thought about commissioning a portrait of your child, your pet, or yourself? I have a friend who does that. Check out Jason’s Davenportraits on Facebook.

If you grew up loving the Big Mac at McDonald’s, but wish it was made with better quality ingredients, head on down to the Dirty Crow Inn on Crump. They have the Dirty Mac, their take on the Big Mac.

StyleBlueprint has a nice profile of Penelope Huston, currently with the Downtown Memphis Commission promoting our fair city. In the past she has worked for the Memphis Flyer, St. Jude/ALSAC, and Memphis in May.

Leave your car at home and take the 2019 Memphis Commute Challenge.

New cardboard cut-out addition to the Silly Goose:

Who dis? There’s a document in his hand, so perhaps it is Thomas Jefferson holding the Declaration of Independence.

Preserve Partners is the latest business to relocate to The Edge just east of Downtown. The minority-owned investment firm has been looking in the neighborhood for two years, and has now found a home in a triangular-shaped building at Madison and Lauderdale.

The Cossitt Library is hosting a Lunch and Learn tour today at noon. I think I may do this.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.