Wednesday update

The Daily Memphian has the news on a new organization that will make Memphis better: 275 Food Project. This organization has a few different goals. One is to increase the supply and demand of locally sourced food. Only about 1% of the money Memphians spend at groceries, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and colleges stays local; 275 Food Project has a goal to grow that number to 20%. They will establish a mentoring program for chefs and food professionals of color, and there will also be a mentoring program for women to become chefs and food business owners.

Downtown will see the fruits of 275 Food Project’s labor very soon. On May 30, the 409 South Main food hall will relaunch as Puck Food Hall and the number of businesses will expand from 6 to 10. All of the restaurants in this food business incubator have committed to locally-sourced ingredient vendor contracts.

They also plan to open a wholesale food market on Mud Island called 275 Food @ Harbor Landing. Its focus will be to move food to chefs and restaurants while still fresh. There will also be cold and dry storage for farmers and a space for pop-up food events.

I’m only scratching the surface of what is said about 275 Food Project, and recommend you click the link provided above to check out the full article. This article, by the way, is a perfect example of why The Daily Memphian is worth every penny of the $7/month subscription. Many other news outlets think a carjacking at a gas station at Holmes and Tchulahoma is news. They think the sheriff of some Arkansas town getting caught in the back of his squad car with a 15-year-old boy is news. That’s not news to me. People and entities that make my community better are the news I most want to read, and the Daily Memphian brings that kind of reporting better than anyone.

Also, if you’re a Memphis basketball fan (Tigers, Grizzlies, or both), you are ESPECIALLY missing out if you’re not a subscriber. First-class, in-depth reporting and analysis. I’m not a big podcast guy but I listened to the DM’s Grizzlies podcast a couple of days ago and it is outstanding too.

Until 11:59 tonight, you can get $2.00 tickets online (dugout or field box) for the Saturday fireworks game at the Redbirds. It’s their way of celebrating Memphis’ 200th birthday.

They have a second way of celebrating as well. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, you can purchase 10 luxury suite tickets for $200, a savings of $360. Call (901) 721-6000 to take advantage of this deal.

There will be a DJ night at Mud Island’s Grove area this Friday, May 24, from 6 to 8 PM. There will be tire swinging, outdoor relaxation on new outdoor furniture, There will be music by DJ Chandler Blingg (that is a great name) and DJ Nya. You’ll also have the chance to get your picture taken with the new Memphis bicentennial sign. Walk across the pedestrian bridge to get to the event, or ride an Explore bike or one of those stupid scooters. This event is sponsored by Cossitt Library. They are looking for volunteers if you’d be interested in getting involved with programs like this one.

Green Beetle is closing at 5 PM for a private event tonight. They apologize for any inconvenience and plan to re-open for lunch 11 AM Thursday.

The One901 blog has a profile of Corey Hollywood. If your organization needs catering in the upcoming future, this is a man to get to know. He’s the owner and executive chef of Kitchen Guru Catering. Corey is also a man of style, which no doubt he gets from his legendary great-uncle, the late Robert “Hollywood” Raiford.

With next door neighbor Court House Deli recently shut down, and with heavy construction going on on the other side of the former deli, at the former Murray’s and Jerry’s locations, people have been asking if The Peanut Shoppe at 24 S. Main is closing too. The answer is no. They are open for business 10 AM-5 PM Monday-Friday and 11 AM-5 PM or later Saturday, and they would love to serve you.

Finally! A couple who accused former Memphis Tigers coach Josh Pastner of sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel in 2016 have been brought up on criminal fraud charges in Arizona.  As soon as I read those accusations, I knew they were complete baloney. Having recently read the manual on narcissistic abuse, The Gaslighting Effect, Pastner’s former friend Ron Bell displays a pattern of behavior in line with narcissism. Bell studied Pastner from afar, befriended him, ingratiated Pastner to him… then, when Pastner refused to go along with what Bell wanted, Bell turned on him viciously, willing to destroy Pastner’s career and reputation because he felt Pastner deserved it. Bell’s girlfriend strikes me as what’s known in the book as a flying monkey, someone the narcissist recruits to assist in the abuse.

There’s now a course that teaches dogs how to behave in breweries. Currently it’s only available in Fort Collins, Colorado. I hope they franchise this and expand it to Memphis.

Construction on Tom Lee Park has been pushed back from June to an ambiguous “the fall” start date. The reason is that the Army Corps of Engineers has final say on any changes to the park, and the approval process has not even begun. If construction does begin in the fall, that could potentially push Memphis in May out of the park for not one year, but two. Don’t forget there’s an event at Rizzo’s tonight 5-7 where you can share your feedback on proposed changes to the park.

Congratulations to the Grizzlies’ Jaren Jackson Jr. on making the all-NBA Rookie Team for his first season. For the first time since 1984-85 the top five draft picks all made the team, Jackson being joined by Luka Doncic, Trae Young, DeAndre Ayton, and Marcus Bagley.

Pro wrestling fans: An evening with Dutch Mantel is coming to the big room at the Hi-Tone Sunday, June 9. The Dirty Dutchman is a longtime performer and sometime booker in the old Memphis territory and has appeared all over the world. He is known to be a great storyteller, his motto being “if you can’t dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bullshit.” $20 in advance, $25 at the door, $50 for a VIP meet and greet.

Also, don’t forget that The Bar Olympics happens at the Hi-Tone two weeks after the Mantel appearance, on Sunday, June 23. It’s not too late to sign up a team. Bar Olympics has a more diverse array of games than other events of its type, and is the only one to have Hungry Hungry Hippos as the finals. Come on out and show Crosstown what you’ve got!

Huey’s has a job opening for a kitchen manager.

Memphis Magazine’s Vance Lauderdale has a look at Riverside Drive in the 1930s.

Grub will be the truck tonight at Cordelia’s Table Food Truck Wednesday.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.