Tuesday update – Bardog STILL closed due to MLGW repairs

Bardog Tavern is still closed due to sewer repairs. An estimated date for the repairs to be completed and the bar to re-open is not even known at this point. Probably several more days at least, from what I’ve been hearing. The problem is so serious that it made the local news last night.

Owner Aldo was so upset he didn’t want to appear on camera, so GM Rico did the interview. Rico explained that the city’s sewer line, which MLGW was repairing in the alley next to Bardog, broke into Bardog’s sewer line and Bardog can’t open until the problem is fixed.

Aldo takes good care of his employees, and fortunately he owns four other businesses: Slider Inn, Aldo’s Pizza Pies Downtown, Aldo’s Pizza Pies Midtown, and Momma’s Roadhouse (former Dirty Crow Inn). He’s trying to find his Bardog employees shifts to pick up at those locations so they at least will make some money during the closure.

The problem is due to aging infrastructure. The owner of another business on Monroe was interviewed and is exactly right – the city just puts one Band-Aid on the problem after another. I would say more often than not, when I have gone in there during the daytime on weekdays since about 2015, MLGW crews have been outside either digging a hole or filling a hole in. The number of metal plates covering holes in the street the past few years has been ridiculous.

Chris Herrington has a recap of the Bluff City Law pilot that aired last night. He raises an objection to the lawyers celebrating with beers on Beale Street after winning a big case. Herrington polled the locals and they mostly said “Yeah that doesn’t happen.” Y’know which bar Downtown probably has the highest percentage of lawyers as customers? The one I’ve been writing about in this post. I think it would be very cool if a scene from a future BCL episode was filmed at Bardog.

I do think it’s awesome that the law firm’s office is located at Front and MLK.

Kitty Cat Yoga out at the Humane Society was a big hit this weekend, and now something similar is coming Downtown, to the Tennessee Brewery to be exact. Better practice your down dog, because Puppy Yoga is coming to the Tennessee Brewery on Saturday, October 5. This will be an all-levels class, and they suggest that you bring an old mat in case the puppies have accidents. Tickets are $27 and all funds raised will be donated to local animal rescues. YOGA!

Wear attire representing your favorite football team and get an extra bingo card at Cerrito Bingo this coming Sunday at Loflin Yard. Stick around to watch the Saints and the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football at 7 (and be sure to cheer when the Cris Collinsworth Sunday Night Slide-in happens).

Jennifer Biggs has a $10 Deal this week that is worth a look: The Rotel spaghetti at Valle’s Italian Rebel on Winchester. I ate there all the time when I worked by the airport, and believe me, if you have never been, it is well worth a drive out to Whitehaven. They’re only open for lunch, Monday-Friday 11-2. The Rebel is one of those modest, unassuming places that puts out incredible food and constantly stays busy.

Edible Memphis has unsolicited advice for restaurateurs. I especially agree with two of the items: “Set regular hours and keep them” and “let a copy editor read your menu before you print it or publish it online.”

An iconic part of riding a train is going away: Amtrak is discontinuing its dining cars. They’re going to replace the cars with “more contemporary dining options.”

From The Hard Times: Party bike rigged to explode if riders stop being annoying as hell

Good news and an interesting opportunity in my world this week. My VALIC retirement early withdrawal finally went through! I cannot tell you how stressed and frustrated I have been the past two months, trying to get my rep to call me back, having claims rejected because I didn’t have the right supporting paperwork, waiting on the University of Memphis to pull microfiche to verify that I once worked there. It was such a relief to go to First Tennessee and check my balance yesterday, and see the money in there. I’m now current on my rent and I have enough breathing room that I’m not in crisis mode from one day to the next. What I’m going to do is sit back for a few days, enjoy the anxiety being gone, and when I’m ready my intuition will tell me the right next move to make. If there’s one thing I have learned in my life, it’s to always listen to my intuition.

As for that opportunity: My alma mater, Rhodes College, has invited me to speak on a panel of computer science graduates. I am considering accepting. Having become disillusioned with the world of enterprise IT, I think I would offer a unique perspective. I wish someone had been there to tell 19-year-old me what computer science jobs would be like in 20 or 25 years. I’ll take a day or two to think about it. I posted about this on Facebook and the general consensus was, I should do it.

Back tomorrow with more news.