Thursday update

More early openings for St. Jude Marathon Saturday:

  • Loflin Yard will open at 8 AM and is on the race route, around mile 8. They will have mimosas and hot drinks, and they will also have to-go foods like muffins and breakfast burritos available.
  • Kooky Canuck will open at 9 AM.
  • This isn’t an early opening, but Automatic Slim’s opening time is always 9 AM on the weekends. I have not had their brunch but have heard very good things.

This is in addition to previously reported openings:

  • Brass Door – 7 AM – food and drinks plus runners can drop their bags there
  • Silly Goose – 11 AM – massages and recovery tools for runners. DJ starting at noon.

I want to remind all my readers that The Peanut Shoppe is open for business and is a fantastic resource for holiday candy, nuts, and treats. They have decorative holiday tins in which to put your candy, and you can get just about everything you need there to stuff a Christmas stocking. They are wonderful local people. Due to construction two doors down, visibility of their entrance has been partially blocked lately. This has hurt their business a good bit, with many people not realizing they are open. If you need holiday candy or nuts, please keep them in mind! They are on the Main Street Mall, at 24 S. Main halfway between Madison and Monroe.

For my fellow history lovers, this would be a good time to follow the @RealTimeWWII Twitter account if you don’t already. They tweet news from World War II in real time, one day at a time, as if you were actually living in that era. They start in 1939, go through until 1945 and then start over. As of today, they are tweeting the news from December 5, 1941, with the neutral United States building up its navy in anticipation of entering the war against Germany. You know what’s going to happen December 7, (If you don’t, you should.)

The Daily Memphian has a first taste of Bishop, the French brasserie in Central Station, in Jennifer Biggs’ New Eats column this week.

Dave Chappelle‘s tour stops at the Orpheum this evening.

That’s it. Kind of a short post today because I got up late again. Back tomorrow with more.