Monday update

Well, Saturday had its ups and downs. I posted that the Silly Goose would be a great place to watch the Memphis vs. UT game, away from the crowds of Beale Street. That turned out to be wrong. The Goose was a stop on The 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl. I knew that would be happening Saturday, but I didn’t realize it started at noon. The bar filled up with randoms and mid-way through the first half, I tabbed out and was off to the Blind Bear, which thankfully wan’t a bar crawl stop.

Some of you may wonder, if I knew about the 12 Bars of Christmas crawl, why didn’t I blog about it? I don’t blog about pub crawls organized by national companies that have no real connection to the neighborhood. The crowds they draw tend to be amateurs who don’t tip the bartenders. I am always happy to support bar crawls arranged by locals.

I didn’t go to the holiday parade, but I saw a few pics one of the South Main coots snapped on Beale Street and it looked busy as always. Good news, though – those who missed Saturday’s parade don’t have to wait until 2020 for another one. The Liberty Bowl parade happens Monday, December 30 at 3 PM on Beale Street, followed by a pep rally. That should be fun – we’ll get to see the Navy marching band in person.

Signature win for Penny and his Tigers and I am so happy for them! This team has a fighting spirit and they never give up. That 51-47 victory was brutal to watch, but a win is a win. This will look good on Memphis’ resume when March rolls around. I suppose I should stop cheering against Tennessee in future games because I want Memphis’ win to remain Quadrant 1.

Saturday night was the Dirty Santa party in South Main. Great people, great times and I was so happy to be a part of it. Here’s a pic of the nuts I brought from The Peanut Shoppe:

I drew a good number in the Dirty Santa gift exchange. I was fifth from last, I think, exactly where you want to be in these kinds of events. Right before my turn, my friend David opened a really nice beer glass set. I was so tempted to steal it. I didn’t, though, because David has been a good friend to me, and because I really don’t drink beer at home. I have a cabinet full of Flying Saucer glasses that never get used; I didn’t see a need to add to the collection.

So I selected an unopened gift. It was heavy and cylindrical. Several bottles of wine had been opened already. I don’t drink a whole lot of wine but I would definitely take a free bottle. I opened it and found…

A forty of Colt 45.

The present I bought was It’s Good to Be the King… Sometimes, the autobiography of Jerry Lawler. See, I told you my gift had a Memphis connection.

Sunday I went to Brad’s bar at the Silly Goose, and our friend Kelly brought cookies for us.

Perjorie had never seen an elf before and thought that was a troll on the box. The cookies were really good! The chocolate marshmallow was my favorite. Later that evening, I think someone stole one of the cookies out of my box while I was in the restroom at the Blind Bear. Not that it’s a big deal but if they had just asked, “Hey Paul, can I have a cookie?” I would have given them one.

A fun weekend that got me in the spirit of the season, and it continues today with what is being described as “our low-key holiday celebration” at work. They have a stellar track record on office lunches, so I’m looking forward to today.

Bredrock Eats & Sweets has a holiday menu of items you can order ahead (by Thursday) and pick up Monday, December 23. The menu has everything from sliced turkey and brisket to side dishes to cookies and pecan pie and even breakfast kits.

The Silly Goose is changing up their holiday party a bit this year. Instead of a drunken Thursday night soiree where Pervert Santa tries to get women to sit on his lap, they’re doing a fundraiser for Youth Vilages next Sunday, December 22 6-9 PM. $50 gets you all the pizza you can eat, and all the beer and wine you can drink.

On Wednesday, January 15, The Broom Closet at 546 S. Main hosts a ghost hunting workshop. Stephen Guenther, founder of Historical Haunts, will give the presentation, an enhanced version of the ones he gives at conventions. $10 per person (amazingly, they didn’t call it an “energy exchange” this time).

The Broom Closet takes its show on the road Thursday, January 9, traveling to Crosstown for Taproom Tarot. Get your cards read and find out what 2020 has in store for you while drinking delicious craft beer. Readings are $15 for 15 minutes.

This Wednesday’s British Bingo at Belle Tavern will be Tacky Sweater Bingo. Wear a tacky holiday sweater and get an extra card. $100 in Belle gift cards will be handed out over six rounds. Never played British Bingo before? Don’t worry, Dave will explain how it works and it’s easy to learn.

Highly acclaimed musical Hello, Dolly! returns to the Orpheum for 8 shows tomorrow through Sunday.

The Grizzlies host the Miami Heat tonight at 7 at FedExForum.

That’s the news. Five days of work then I’m off all next week. Back tomorrow with more news.