Christmas Eve update

GTG! The Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team has cracked the Top 10, coming in at number 9 in this week’s AP Top 25 poll.

In his weekly bulletin to the city, Mayor Strickland pointed out that nationwide, there is a shortage of drivers with commercial driver’s licenses, and an even bigger shortage of drivers with CDLs that have a passenger’s endorsement. What does this mean to Memphis? It means that MATA needs around 60 drivers. These positions pay well and offer benefits including retirement. Apply here. Re-entry candidates are encouraged to apply.

In other MATA news, free Wi-Fi is now available for riders.

The Cotton Bowl is Saturday at 11. Any bars opening early or doing specials for the Memphis-Penn State game? Hit me up at or on Facebook and let me know and I will build a list later this week.

This time of year, people don’t have much to do at work and some of them exercise their Photoshop skills to pass the time. Yesterday someone posted an image to Facebook of roughly 25 people bowing down to me, the one person in the entire photo who holds a trophy in the BBQ Fest pork shoulder competition. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

As your #1 source of news and information about The Edge District, it’s my pleasure to inform you that Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe will open at 668 Union on January 2. The new restaurant will hold 140 additional seats beyond the capacity at Tam’s recently closed Cooper-Young location. I want to try those deep fried ribs! Cheesesteak spaghetti sounds interesting as well. In the back will be Chef Tam’s Soul Food Superstore with an entrance on Marshall.

The South Main Association has volunteer openings for 2020. Email them at and tell them what you would like to do. Some of the openings include event planning, graphic design, photography, and social media.

The Silly Goose raised $1000 for Youth Villages at its Christmas fundraiser Sunday night. Daniel said this is the birth of a new partnership, so you will have more opportunities to support the charity in 2020.

In The Daily Memphian today: ‘Twas a Bluff Downtown Christmas

Rizzo’s will be open regular hours (lunch and dinner) Thursday and Friday. I’m going Thursday with my friends Otto and Nappin’ Ass Nate. Michael Patrick always has an excellent meat and three for lunch and I am going to be hungry. Gotta get that cheeseburger soup too, of course!

Donald Trump toilet paper. Yep that exists. I wish I had discovered this a few days earlier than December 24.

But then again, these days you can get any image you want on toilet paper. I have an image in mind, and I’m sure many of you know where I’m going with this. It’s an image that appeared in a booth at BBQ Fest ’18 and was also seen at Max’s Sports Bar (including glued to a troll) and Loflin Yard. Hasn’t been seen at the Silly Goose or Blind Bear recently though… wonder why…

Back to Trump Christmas gifts: There’s also a Dump a Trump pen holder, a Donald Trump toilet brush, and a Donald Trump troll. And here’s a farting Donald Trump Pull My Finger doll. Have your own WrestleMania with Donald Trump vs. Kim Jong-un action figures.

That’s it for today folks! Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.