Monday update

The Liberty Bowl parade happens on Beale Street today from 3:00 to 4:30 PM. Kansas State and Navy fans, as well as locals, will line the streets. I’m going to go down there just to check out the crowd. I know from a former national Fireball rep who traveled there that K-State is a big-time party school. Navy is not so much a party school, but I would not be surprised if a number of active Navy members and veterans turn out to support. Getting to see the Navy marching band do their thing live should be a real treat.

Some of the clubs on Beale have things going on to draw in the K-State and Navy crowds… Rodd Bland will play Club 152 at noon. For out-of-towners not familiar, he is the son of the legendary Bobby “Blue” Bland and he inherited his late father’s musical gifts. Jerry Lee Lewis’ nightclub will open up its balcony for those who want to watch the parade from up high.

For those who liked my “where do the locals go?” post on Saturday, here’s my take on where the locals go on Beale Street:

  • King’s Palace Cafe Tap Room: 20 beers on tap, dive bar feel, jukebox, TVs. This place draws a good mix of locals and tourists. This is where I will likely be for the parade.
  • Absinthe Room: Pool hall above King’s Palace Cafe; however, I am not sure it will open for the parade. Google says its next regularly scheduled opening is Tuesday 6 PM.
  • Wet Willie’s: Daiquiri bar. Get a Call-a-Cab, a punch-flavored daiquiri made with 190 PGA… unless you’re driving, then absolutely do not get one.
  • Silky O’ Sullivan’s: Big open courtyard with goats. No I am not kidding.
  • If you want to eat while on Beale: The wings or pasta dishes at King’s Palace Cafe; the ribs, steaks, tamales, and crab au gratin at Blues City Cafe; the Double-Double at Dyer’s Burgers; Insomnia Cookies
  • I repeat my recommendation Saturday that A. Schwab is a neat place to shop. Lots of interesting trinkets you won’t find anywhere else in Memphis.
  • I’ll throw in one off-Beale recommendation: Monday nights Rizzo’s, five blocks south on Main Street, has an excellent $9 burger and beer special.

The Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team has its first conference game of the season tonight, hosting Tulane at 8 PM at FedExForum. CBS Sports Network will broadcast the game.

@FrasierSein, a good local account to follow on Twitter, posted some new items on the menu at FedExForum:

I’m reading a new book. Yesterday Tawanda Pirtle (of Jack Pirtle’s Fried Chicken) recommended a book called Stop Trying So F*king Hard: Live Authentically, Design a Life You Love, and Be Happy (Finally) by Honoree Corder. It discusses how most people don’t project their true self out into the world; they project “the representative,” the person they fill will make the best impression on their peers, their co-workers, their parents, or whoever. They choose the career they think the should choose, they drive the car they think they should drive, they have the job they think they should have; and as a result they are unhappy. Corder has steps you can take to start living your true, authentic life and stop being a slave to the impressions you make. This book is 99 cents on Kindle and is well worth that small investment. It’s an easy read (I’m already on chapter four) and it’s fairly short at 176 pages.

That’s it for today. I return to work today and I notice how good I feel that my return does not involve driving or sitting in a cubicle. Back tomorrow with more news.