Tuesday update

I learned a valuable life lesson yesterday. I got to work and realized I left my fob that I use to buzz into my apartment building at home. I had it on my keychain but after 17 years, it finally fell off and I’ve been too lazy to go by the office and get it replaced. So I ran back home (I live across the street from work, so it’s not a big deal to do that). I figured, it was no problem to get in without the fob – I’ll just call my own apartment number on the call box and use my phone to buzz myself in.

“Missed call,” my phone informed me, never ringing. “Hello, this is Paul. I’m not available right now, but if you’ll leave your name, number and a brief message I’ll call you back,” I heard from the call box speaker.

You may remember a few months ago I accepted the option to send calls from phone numbers not in my contacts straight to voice mail. AT&T offers it and I think other carriers do too. It’s wonderful. No more phone ringing 7 times a day from spammers who want to sell me a home warranty or tell me that my Social Security number has been “suspended.” But I forgot to add my own building’s call box to my contacts! Something to think about if you live or work in a controlled-access building.

Max’s Sports Bar is getting ready for its spring Tuesday night cornhole league. There are currently 4 spots for teams open out of 14, so if you want to enter a team get down to the bar ASAP and let them know. There will be specials for participants including

  • $4.24 Tito’s handmade vodka
  • $4.25 Jager
  • $12 buckets of Miller Lite

I guess the distributor has a deal with Max that Tito’s has to be cheaper than any other special.

In other Max’s Sports Bar news, they’re having the first crawfish boil of the season this Saturday, and Glaze Hardage and his team will be back doing the cooking. I have no problem saying Glaze has one of the BEST crawfish boils in town and you will not be disappointed if you are a crawfish lover. They have the perfect amount of spice, enough to make your eyes water a little as you eat, and they put corn, taters, and smoked sausage in the boil too. The first batch usually comes out a few minutes after noon. Get there early to get a seat (first boil of the season usually gets really crowded, no matter the weather) and tell Bjarni you want a box of crawfish as soon as they’re ready.

I discovered a restaurant Downtown that I did not know existed yesterday on Facebook. It’s called Downtown Soul, and it’s open 7-4 Monday-Friday, serving up daily soul food specials for lunch. Mmmm… neck bones on Thursday… may have to check that out this week. For those of you who are chitterling fans, they have them on Friday. The restaurant is at 200 Poplar Suite 105, an address that suggests it’s right across the street from Memphis’ most well-known address.

A permit has been filed for a truck called Axes on Axles to be parked outside 182 Beale, near Beale and B.B. King, today through Saturday. This is a truck where you can throw axes inside a closed trailer. Come check it out if you’re going to the International Blues Challenge that starts today, or even if you’re not.

There’s a bill in the Tennessee state legislature that would allowed tipped employees to earn minimum wage plus tips, as opposed to the current $2.13 an hour plus tips.

The Daily Memphian has a look at bracketology and where the Memphis Tigers stand in the hunt for an NCAA tournament seed following several losses this month. Sigh… this is not going to be fun, but we need to root for the Tennessee Vols for the remainder of the regular season, so Memphis’ road win against them will carry more weight. Visit bracketwag.com for more analysis of the Tigers’ tournament chances.

The Grizzlies host the Denver Nuggets tonight at 7 at FedExForum. Around the league, San Antonio lost a third straight game, giving the Grizzlies a full 2-game cushion for 8th place in the West.

Edible Memphis has a great story about Comeback Coffee in The Pinch. I’m going to have to take the laptop up there one afternoon in the near future.

The Washington Times has a report on our senator Marsha Blackburn’s behavior during the Senate impeachment trial. At times she has been seen reading a book as the trial was ongoing, and at times she slips out of the chamber to schmooze with Fox News. This woman is an embarrassment to her state. There’s nothing wrong with being conservative, but represent your state well, as our other senator, Lamar Alexander, does.

That’s the news. Back tomorrow.