Monday update: Nachos for the People @ Slider Inn Downtown

Big week coming up for the City of Memphis in the national sports spotlight. The 2020 WGC – St. Jude Invitational tees off Thursday. Most of the big-time golfers, minus Tiger, will be here. Here are a few links to get you more familiar:

There will be no spectators this year and volunteers are limited to those with “essential” functions.

The remaining group of Shelby County limited-service restaurants closed by the Health Department has a hearing before a federal judge this morning. A ruling should come down this week. The limited-service restaurants seek an injunction allowing them to reopen, and seek to be treated no differently from full-service restaurant. Whether 50% or more of a restaurant’s sales from from alcohol determine whether a restaurant is deemed limited service or full.

The NFL has instituted rules to protect its players and staff from COVID-19. While the season is ongoing, players must obey the following:

  • No going out clubbing
  • No hanging out at indoor bars, except to puck up food
  • No going to indoor parties of 15 or more
  • No indoor concerts
  • No professional sporting events as a fan
  • No indoor church services at more than 25% capacity

If a player comes down with COVID-19 and is found to have violated the rules, he won’t be paid for the games missed due to illness.

An Arkansas state senator who called COVID-19 a “hoax” and refused to wear a mask has tested positive for COVID-19. Idiot.

The $19.99 three-course dinner at Paulette’s is back this Monday. Today’s entree choices are smoked salmon cakes and grilled brochette of beef.

Secrets of The Apprentice: This podcast features a freelance talent logistics coordinator who worked on the show that made Donald Trump a reality star. Part 1 is especially worth a listen.

There’s a Refuse to Return “Die-In” outside the Shelby County building at 160 N. Main tonight at 6. This event is said to “mourn the death of safety in public schools” as teachers and students are being pushed to return to in-person instruction in the middle of a pandemic. Masks are required, mourning attire is encouraged, face paint is encouraged, and participants may bring tombstones.

But, let’s look at the bright side… if public school reopening goes as badly as expected, Trump might have to make a sacrificial lamb out of Betsy DeVos in October to try and save his election chances…

This was the last “normal” weekend for full service restaurants before Health Directive No. 9’s new restrictions kicked in. Therefore, I decided to make it a day for the entire family Saturday at Slider Inn Downtown. Mendatius and Socially Distant Perjorie were happy to get out of the apartment.

As of Saturday, I was not yet required to order food to have my PBR, but I chose to. One of the menu items I hadn’t tried yet was Nachos for the People, nachos topped with melted cheddar cheese, black beans, pico, sour cream, and jalapeños. For a dollar more you can add Slider Inn’s famous Exhaust Pipe Chili or chicken. I added the chili. “Do you want a half order or a whole?” asked the bartender.

I was pretty hungry, so I told her I’d take a whole order. I had no idea what I was getting into!

They brought me out a pan that looked like it was intended for baking a 12-inch pan pizza. It was loaded with chips and toppings. It looked like it should have its own zip code!

Now, remember, I did say I was pretty hungry as I started on PBR number 3 at Slider Inn. Let’s see how much damage I did before I threw in the towel:

Roughly one quarter of the plate, if even that. The bartender boxed up the rest of the nachos for me to take home, giving me leftovers for yesterday and today.

Huey’s might have lost its status as my pick for best (traditional, not BBQ) nachos Downtown. The Nachos for the People were cheesy and gooey and so good. They didn’t skimp on the jalapeños, either! Very highly recommended.

After lunch, my friends Randy, Theresa, Big Papa, and I had shots of Jameson. The bottle was pretty low before we ordered, and we finished it off.

When you or your group finishes a bottle of Jameson at Slider Inn Downtown, you get to sign your names and decorate it, to be displayed on the wall. I signed my name in blue, which has always been my favorite color. I then got a lime green marker, the color of Socially Distant Perjorie’s hair, and signed her name.

I then signed in an orange marker for Mendatius. Randy signed “Billy Joel,” his favorite musician, and Theresa and Big Papa signed too and we dated the bottle.

The others commented that if Mendatius’ hair were slicked back and we applied a fake tan to him, he would look like Donald Trump. That prompted the bartender to ask if I was a Trump supporter. That’s it. MENDATIUS IS NEVER GOING OUT WITH ME AGAIN.

Time for another workday, followed by leftover nachos and WWE Monday Night RAW. Back tomorrow with more news.