Wednesday update

Hola! Today’s post may be relatively short, because I went ahead and posted a recap of Shelby County’s COVID-19 task force press conference yesterday afternoon. I’m tired of leading off with the virus, so let’s start today’s post with something fun. From STIX, the new Asian, sushi, hibachi place across from the Flying Saucer on Second:

Cheers, Memphis. Sake Slushies are now available for YOU at our Downtown location! We have wine and a few other fun adult beverages available, too.
Come see us! We’re here from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

WREG has everything you need to know about the two upcoming sales tax holiday weekends (clothes and school supplies this weekend, computers  next weekend). Both my sneakers and sandals are nearly shot so I plan on doing a little tax-free shopping myself.

The Grizzlies looked great as they beat the Miami Heat in yesterday’s scrimmage, putting up 41 points in the first quarter alone. The first three seeding games are against Western Conference opponents who are chasing the Grizz for the 8th spot. A 2-1 record in those games would just about punch Memphis’ ticket into the playoffs, even though mathematically they’d have a bit more work to do.

The one thing about that scrimmage, and the two before it, that was disturbing is that JJJ still fouls out of games. He can’t seem to avoid giving up those silly fouls in the first three periods. We need to have him in there and able to go balls-to-the-wall in the fourth. I would appeal to Jaren’s own best interests here: When the time comes for the Grizzlies to offer him a contract extension, it shouldn’t be a max unless he has learned how not to foul out. I would not be surprised if the Grizzlies drop one of the next 8 games because he is unavailable in the final six minutes.

For those of you who were unable to watch the scrimmage yesterday, Grizzly Bear Blues has a recap.

No NBA basketball today, so why not watch some baseball instead… ESPN has a tripleheader today, with the Colorado Rockies at the Oakland Athletics at 2:30, followed by the L.A. Dodgers at the Houston Astros at 6, then the Seattle Mariners at the L.A. Angels at 9.

Daily Memphian subscribers: Don’t miss this article about River Oaks sous chef and aspiring artist Emily LaForce. I met Emily the day my mom passed away and she is a great friend as well as a great chef.

An off-duty MPD officer was shot early yesterday morning near the I-40 overpass over N. Lauderdale Street Downtown. He was working security for St. Jude at the time and he saw two men attempting to break into cars. The officer was hit in the arm and is expected to recover. There is a $5000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the two suspects.

Edit 7:23 AM: It’s National Chicken Wing Day. Hooters is giving away 10 boneless wings when you buy 10 wings. Other deals

Well, I had a couple of coronavirus-related links in my staging area in Evernote, but you know what? I’m sick of writing about the virus. If you’re not sick of reading about it, keep scrolling for yesterday’s task force recap. Back tomorrow with more news, or later today if anything important comes up.