Sat update: Online tax holiday shopping, Health Dept. fails to deliver, Grizzlies, Max’s and more

I am pleased to say that the Tennessee sales tax holiday works like a charm at major online retailers. Yesterday I bought a pair of casual loafers from Amazon and a pair of sandals from Zappos, and both of them recognized I was in Tennessee and charged me zero sales tax when I checked out.

Tell ya a couple of other things I learned… Amazon defaulted to a $7 shipping charge, telling me I’d get the shoes on Tuesday, August 4. However, I looked around by hitting the “Place order” button and discovered my shoes were eligible for FREE shipping, although I’d have to wait all the way until Wednesday, August 5 to get them. Sure, I’m willing to look like a homeless person from the ankles down for one extra day to save $7.

I also learned that Amazon has an “Amazon’s Choice” badge they award to products that are rated highly and sold at good prices. My loafers averaged 4.7 stars out of 5, and after I placed my $41.21 order, I found the same shoes on the manufacturer’s site for $70. I am going to look for the badge when I shop on Amazon in the future.

The Health Department has been talking about a “trip wires” document for some time now, listing additional restrictions that will be triggered if certain thresholds related to COVID-19 were hit. Last week they said they expected to have a draft document ready for review this week. Tuesday they said it would be ready by the end of this week. Well, guess what, end of business Friday came and went, and there’s no evidence of a tripwires document on the health department’s coronavirus page.

Now, I don’t really care much either way, but it’s a bad look to promise and then not deliver. Also, I hope they realized they ruined the weekend for Facebook “medical experts” who were looking forward to writing 19 paragraphs and 32 hashtags about how the tripwires did not go far enough.

Meanwhile, I found this meme, which I think does a pretty good job summing up the Health Department’s position:

The Grizzlies gave a tremendous effort last night, but ended up falling to a more experienced Portland Trail Blazers team yesterday afternoon in Orlando, 140-135 in overtime. Looking at the standings, the Grizzlies now lead Portland by 2.5 games, San Antonio by 3 games, and Sacramento and New Orleans by 3.5 games. The next two games, against San Antonio and New Orleans, will be key in determining how solid or how tenuous the Grizzlies’ hold on the 8 spot really is.

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Los Angeles Clippers on ESPN at 5 today. The Clippers are already safely in the Western Conference playoffs, so we want them to win this one.

Memphis Spine and Sport, offering chiropractic services, sports rehab and wellness care, is expanding to South Main. The location appears to be at the corner of South Main and Talbot, across from the Slider Out yard (formerly the site of the bocce ball court).

Those of you who have a sentimental attachment to Max’s Sports Bar might want to get by there and pay your respects today. Although they are still holding out hope that Max’s will ride again, there seems to be a genuine sense of fear in social media posts by employees and regulars that today could be the last day. I believe Bjarni is working open to 5 and Mike 5 to close. It’s take-out only; see meme above for explanation why.

All we can do now is hope… I have a feeling that the Health Department won’t consider letting limited service restaurants reopen until the number of new COVID-19 cases plateaus or declines, and the average positivity rate is under 10% on a 7-day basis. We’re at about 15% right now.

Memphis 901 FC hosts Saint Louis FC tonight at 7:30 at AutoZone Park. They are doing staggered entry times for fans to try and keep people social distanced. Recommended entry times, depending on the first letter of the ticket holder’s last name:

  • All: 6:00-6:30
  • A-F: 6:30-6:45
  • G-L: 6:45-7:00
  • M-R: 7:00-7:15
  • S-Z: 7:15-7:30

Those of you who have a symbol for your name rather than letters (you know, like Prince did at one point) can enter whenever you want.

From Comeback Coffee in The Pinch:

We’re coming back THIS Saturday! That’s right our team’s tests all came back negative and we are so ready to be back in the swing of things. We’re coming back with normal operations ( no curbside or call in orders. Just come in and order in shop.) which includes wearing a mask when approaching the bar and keeping a safe distance. Come hang out Saturday as we get back to “normal”.
ALSO!! We did some work while we were away. We installed a misting system in our alleyway and courtyard space. What does that mean? Basically, our outdoor space will feel *perfect*. The system is installed high enough to bring down the temp without getting the seating area wet. We are doing everything we can to beat the heat and make that space as comfortable as possible. Come check it out Saturday!

A virtual Memphis beer fest, presented by Cerrito Entertainment and Madison Growler & Bottle Shop, is coming October 3. A portion of funds raised will go to Memphis Food Industry Worker Assistance. More details to come.

The Memphis Business Journal has more information on Curfew, the restaurant to be opened by Chef Fabio Vivani, in the new hotel across B.B. King from AutoZone Park. The chef says to think “elevated sports bar fare” for the menu. He said the look would resemble “a modern foundry and leather shop” and that it wouldn’t be “your typical Miller Lite neon sports bar.” Glad to hear that, it will keep the old farts away.

The St. Louis Cardinals are the latest MLB organization to have to cancel games due to positive COVID-19 tests. MLB’s commissioner has warned the season will be shut down if the virus is not better managed. How much more proof does he need? The Cards are the sixth team to have games shut down by the virus.

DAAAANG Sonya Deville cut Mandy Rose’s hair last night!

I’m going to state a possibly unpopular opinion here: Liv Morgan is hotter than Mandy Rose. Liv just has a mysterious sexiness to her. Although, Mandy promised to take her guy Otis out for all-you-can-eat ribs and steaks, and there’s something to be said for that too.

I listened to the police scanner last night and about 11:35 it was reported that a large group of teenagers smoking weed was gathering near the bridge at Riverside and Beale. Just think, that could be your view if you move into the new apartments at One Beale when they open!

My plan for today is to be safe from Covid. Back tomorrow with more news.