Wednesday update

That debate. Oh my God.

If monkeys are truly our ancestors, then I guess it’s true that the loudest monkey in the jungle wins.

After it was over it was described as a “food fight,” an “unmitigated disaster,” a “horror show.” Yes I would agree with all of that.

FiveThirtyEight has a recap of the debate. I do not recommend watching a video replay. It is that bad. It will give you nightmares. It definitely gave me nightmares last night.

Let’s get on to the news. I’m not going to even pretend this post will be one of my best. I need a day to mentally recover from what I saw and heard last night.

Gov. Bill Lee is ending all COVID-19 restrictions on businesses and large gatherings for the 89 of 95 counties in the state of Tennessee that do not have county-run health departments. That means restaurants and bars will be able to operate at 100% capacity. However, Shelby is one of the six remaining counties to which the executive order does not apply. The Shelby County Health Department will be “encouraged” to lift all restrictions but will not be required to do so.

Will they? I doubt it, not in the near future. In a densely populated urban area, you have to take more precautions than you would out in the country. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if Lee’s order causes the local COVID-19 task force to loosen restrictions a little more quickly than they otherwise would.

I started to list predictions on what regulations would be loosened in October, but nah. Let’s not jinx things.

There were a string of car break-ins in the Front and MLK, Front and Pomtotoc, Main and Pontotoc areas Tuesday morning.

The CA’s Jennifer Chandler has an article on Huling Station, South Main’s new outdoor dining spot next to Puck Food Hall. There are 66 seats and free Wi-Fi, along with plans for live music.

A $500,000 parking garage project could add up to 1400 spaces off Peabody Place.

The CA has a look at the new Canopy by Hilton hotel across B.B. King Blvd. from AutoZone Park. The article notes that Memphis is far above the national average at 52% hotel occupancy right now.

Just received my morning bulletin from FiveThirtyEight, with the transcript of the politics editors’ post-debate Slack chat: “I guess we should have taken what we expected to be the worst possible debate and then gone lower.”

That’s all I can do this morning. Apologies if typos. Keep scrolling down if you want to read a recap of yesterday’s COVID-19 task force press conference.

9/29 COVID-19 task force press conference recap

County Mayor Harris led off with updates about two programs to help businesses.

30 bars (limited-service restaurants) have applied for grants under the Share the Tab program and will receive the full amount of $10,000. There are still about 12 bars left and they are encouraged to apply as well.

The Beautiful Comeback program previously was available only to owners of beauty, barber, and nail salon businesses. It will now be expanded to all licensed cosmetologists, barbers, and stylists. Individuals will be eligible for a $500 grant, and business owners a $2000 grant, and money is still available for both.

Go to to apply for these grants. They are funded by the county’s portion of the federal CARES Act money.

Health Department Director Dr. Haushalter said that the overall trends point in a good direction. As expected, we did see a slight increase in cases after Labor Day but that has since trended back down. R, the reproduction rate, is back under 1. Answering a followup question, Dr. H said there could be a surge in March 2021 requiring more than 300 hospitalizations, but that is small compared to projections made earlier this year. She also noted that we have the opportunity to further depress that anticipated surge via our precautions.

Dr. H noted the following key focus areas:

  1. Communications: Outreach to communities where not enough people are going for testing, or where there is increased transmission
  2. Containment: Quickly identifying new cases, getting them isolated, contact tracing, getting contacts quarantined so as to limit spread from each identified case
  3. Enforcement: This weekend the health department received 9 complaints of facilities not adherent to the health directive – people not masking, not social distancing, or restaurants staying open beyond the mandated closing time of 10 PM. 2 of those facilities had been reported previously, 1 multiple times. Dr. H stressed that the health department was partnering with the sheriff’s office, municipalities, and the Alcoholic Beverage Commission on enforcement. Violators face not only closure of their businesses, but revocation of their liquor licenses.

Dr. H does anticipate Tennessee receiving part of a national shipment of testing kits, some of which will go to Shelby County. These will be particularly used for getting kids back to school. She stressed that limited testing is no longer an issue and there is now plenty of access.

Health Officer Dr. Bruce Randolph said efforts have been made to address crowding at the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center, and these appear successful. He urged citizens who have to appear in court to show up at the date and time outlined, get their business done, and leave. Don’t just hang around. (That’s a thing?)

Dr. Randolph reminded those in charge of early voting locations that they must also adhere to the safety guidelines in the health directive.

Dr. Randolph stressed that despite the recent positive trend, the measures to fight COVID will remain in place for a while. Don’t think because the trends are better that we can all just revert to the way things were pre-pandemic.

Dr. Randolph anticipates that if things continue to improve, there could be changes to policies regarding attendance at football games. Asked about the flu, his hope is that masking, hand washing, and social distance will slow its spread as well as that of COVID. The flip side of that is that cold weather will keep people indoors more often, increasing the risk of spread of both illnesses.

Haushalter said starting next week, the task force will reduce its meetings to once per week, and therefore the press conference will be Tuesdays only starting next week.

Tuesday update: Pork & chicken nachos @ Silly Goose featuring Black Sheep Meats

Looks yummy, doesn’t it? I stopped by the Silly Goose about 2:30 yesterday. Since I’ve been working on my writing, I’ve cut my bar visits way back, and it was only my second time at the Goose since it reopened for dine-in. They’ve expanded their indoor seating a little – you can’t sit at the bar, but you can sit at a table in the bar area. So they’ve set up four 3-top tables adjacent to the bar.

Dylan the head pizza genius was not working that day, but he had stopped by to check on things. When he saw me, he said, “Paul! Let me make you something!” He checked to make sure I like mushrooms (I do) and he went back in the kitchen. A short time later he brought out the nachos pictured above.

They were covered in scallions (which made Perjorie T. Roll happy because they’re the same color as her hair), radishes, the aforementioned mushrooms, peppers, plenty of melty, gooey cheese, and sour cream. The real stars of this plate (or actually, pizza box), however, were the pieces of chicken and pork that topped this masterpiece of cheesy goodness. They came from local wholesaler Black Sheep Meats and the flavor was out of this world, like nothing I had ever tasted on nachos before. Such a perfect counterpoint to the other ingredients. Put it this way, I could have brought those nachos into BBQ Fest and told people my team the Moody Ques made them, and no one would have questioned me.

If you surf Facebook or Instagram and come across a restaurant’s post saying, “We use Black Sheep Meats,” GO THERE. You will not be sorry.

Looking for something to do this afternoon or evening? Check out this announcement from the Goose’s sibling restaurant, Pontotoc Lounge:

BREAKING NEWS! Pontotoc has just found the cure for… your Monday Blues! We are now open on Monday’s and Tuesday’s for the first time since before the “C word” occurred. We have all the beverages, yummy food, and great energy to get your week started on the right foot! See you soon!

Today just seems like an ideal day to raise a craft cocktail as you say the “F word” to the “C word.” Just make sure to order a food item with your cocktail and be done eating and drinking in no more than two hours, so (according to the health department) you won’t catch COVID.

The Memphis-Houston football game has been rescheduled for December 5 at the Liberty Bowl.

Paul Staples, who is accused of pointing a gun at protesters outside his home in the 400 block of South Main, appeared in court yesterday. He was told to hire an attorney and will have another court date next month.

Memphis Tourism is spearheading an Eat Live Local rally for restaurants. Restaurants need our support more than ever in the face of COVID and regulations. There will be gift card giveaways, neighborhood restaurant spotlights, blog posts, videos, billboards, and more.

Trump and Biden face off in the first debate tonight. Here’s a presidential debate drinking game. For those who don’t drink, there’s also a bingo card. The debate will be on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and PBS.

There were 4686 COVID tests reported yesterday and only 164 new cases reported yesterday, for a positivity rate of only 3.5%. ICU bed usage is down to 79% and the number of COVID patients in them remains below 60. Can we have our bar stools back now?

From POLITICO: The 10 biggest whoppers you can expect to hear at tonight’s debate. What? Are they suggesting politicians LIE to us?

Today’s COVID-19 task force press conference could be interesting, since testing has expanded and positivity rate has been low in recent days. I will try to tune in and will be back with a recap this afternoon if there’s anything newsworthy.


Monday update

A national story shadows any local news I have to report this morning. The New York Times obtained 20 years of Donald Trump’s tax records and they show “chronic losses and years of tax avoidance.” The Trumpster paid only $750 in federal income tax in 2016, and again in 2017 – far less than you probably paid those years.

Trump was found to indeed have an ongoing audit battle with the IRS as he claimed, concerning a $72.9 million refund he claimed. If disallowed, he could owe more than $100 million. He has been found to take enormous losses to ease his tax burden, and more and more his earnings depend on business activities that could be conflicts of interest with his job as president.

If there’s a silver lining for Trump, it’s that the investigation did not uncover any new links to Russia.

In probably related news, Trump campaign official and former campaign manager Brad Parscale has been hospitalized following a reported suicide attempt. He barricaded himself in his Florida home yesterday.

That’s all for today. Yeah this is a short post but the Trump NYT article will take you a good hour to get through. Back tomorrow with more news.

Sunday update

An arrest has been made in connection with the man who was photographed pointing a gun at protesters near the Civil Rights Museum Wednesday night. Paul Staples, 39, was charged with 7 or 8 counts (media sources differ) of aggravated assault and a count of tampering with or fabricating evidence.

Staples is reported to have come to the MPD North Precinct Friday to make a statement. He told police he was scared and that is why he came outside his residence brandishing a gun. He turned in a pellet gun but officers said it did not match the gun in the photo. At that point, officers said he confessed and retrieved the 9 mm handgun he used in the photo.

Hmmm I may have to make a trip to South Main in the early part of this week and find out what people know about this guy. He looks like someone who would hang out at Max’s on the weekends and watch football. He’s hidden his Facebook page and I don’t see him on LinkedIn either.

I had lunch at Slider Inn Downtown yesterday and learned a couple of pieces of information my readers can use. First of all, Slider Inn is getting NFL Sunday Ticket and will have all the games. Keep them in mind if you’re looking for a place to watch this afternoon’s action.

Second, Slider Inn’s sibling restaurant Momma’s is set to open Monday and they will open for breakfast at 6:30 AM. Momma’s is the final Aldo restaurant to reopen. It is at the corner of Crump and Kentucky in the former Dirty Crow Inn location.

I love it that you can get Frito chili pie as a side at Slider Inn. I had it with fish tacos for lunch yesterday.

“A food item a day keeps the COVID away” – Health Directive No. 12

I’ll give you a sneak preview of a Medium post I plan on doing this week. It’s a prediction that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic will usher in an era of hedonism only seen twice before in modern times: Following World War I (approximately 1919-1929) and following the Vietnam War and the impeachment and resignation of a president (approximately 1975-1981). What’s going to be important is the underlying attitude. Which will it be?

  • “We’re all going to celebrate the end of COVID together” or,
  • “Dammit I lived through the COVID era and now I’m going to celebrate, and I don’t care if my celebration comes at your expense”

FedExForum has been selected as an absentee ballot counting location. By court order, if you live with someone who is COVID-19 vulnerable or their caretaker, you can vote absentee. Flush the turd November third!

The first presidential debate happens Tuesday from 8:00 to 9:30 PM. It will be broadcast on ABC and C-SPAN.

I look at FiveThirtyEight’s presidential election forecast every day, but today I looked at the Senate forecast. They have the Democrats as a 62/38 favorite to gain control of the Senate.

It’s looking more and more like, by the end of the year, I will be able to say I went to college with a Supreme Court justice. I am equally thrilled about the prestige this will bring my alma mater and terrified for the future of our country.

That’s the news for today. Back tomorrow with more.

Saturday update: Lasagna @ Blind Bear

I rewarded myself for a long and productive week writing with a visit to the Blind Bear last night. I had been surfing their dinner menu and had narrowed down my selection to either the seafood risotto or the lasagna. The lasagna was so overwhelmingly recommended by the staff that I decided it would be my first foray into the new menu.

The lasagna was super fresh, plenty of meat, obviously made with quality ingredients. It was very good, and yet, it was… different… than the lasagna I’m used to. I couldn’t figure out why. As I got home and got ready for bed, I thought, “I’ll have to ask my chef friends if they’ve had the lasagna, and if they can describe how it’s different.”

This morning I realized what was going on. I thought, over the past 10 years, where have I had the most lasagna, not counting lasagna I’ve heated up at home?

Spaghetti Warehouse. Of course, I don’t eat there anymore, since it’s been closed for a few years. But when the Huling Avenue location was open, I ate there enough that I guess their lasagna became my idea of what lasagna was.

Spaghetti Warehouse was a chain restaurant. Successful chain restaurants know that you never deviate very far from the expectations of the average suburbanite. Therefore, the lasagna they serve there is a very Americanized version of the Italian dish, designed to appeal to the masses.

That was what was different about the Bear’s lasagna. The recipe was authentic. I just had to pull my taste buds off Germantown Parkway or Goodman Road to appreciate the dish as it deserved to be appreciated.

You definitely want to give this a try if lasagna is one of your go-to menu items when you eat out. Next up for me will be the seafood risotto, which I don’t believe I’ve ever had before, so I will not walk in with any preconceived expectations.

Fox 13 visited Silly Goose last night to see how Downtown bars are doing now that they are once again allowed to be open. I disagree with their headline that “Downtown bars are packed” though. The video shows that they were following the regulations, with tables spaced apart as required in the health directive.

Really looking forward to reading James Aycock’s data analysis of where we are in the fight against COVID-19 today. He and I probably don’t agree on whether bars should be open but his numbers are solid. We’ve had a couple of days with low new case numbers and low positivity rates and I’m curious whether he considers those outliers, thinks data is going unreported, or if he believes we’ve turned a corner. He usually posts an end-of-week update early in the afternoon on Saturdays.

Larry Dodson, the original lead singer of The Bar-Kays, has a live pay-per-view concert tonight at 7. Jessica Ray will be his special guest and he will perform the hit single “I’m Good.” This event is sponsored by Jack Pirtle’s Chicken.

From the Downtown Neighborhood Association:

We are happy to announce we are partnering with one of our newest Members, The Mallory-Neely House, for a fall movie series on the lawn of this beautiful, historic museum! The biweekly events, starting Thursday, 10/1 at 7pm (event opens at 6:30), will offer a chance to be outdoors with a large screen, a sprawling lawn for blanket/chairs, space to socially distance, and a great movie! Food trucks will be available. Limited to 50 per event (including 5 staff). The first movie will be the classic “House On Haunted Hill” to break in the Halloween season!
Admission will be $8 for adults, $5 for children, and 3 and under get in free! To get tickets and read details, click here:…/movies-at-mallory-neely/
Thank you to our partners, Museum of Science & History Historic Properties (Formally Palace Family of Museums).
SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Want to be the business or family to sponsor the movie night? A $300 sponsorship will get you promotion for event, your name/logo on the big screen before/after movie, and much more! To sponsor, email us at

The Downtown Mobility Authority has announced the agenda for its Tuesday, September 29 meeting along with details on how the public can attend via phone or Zoom. Parking garages and bike repair stations are among the agenda items.

Starting Thursday, October 8 there will be a new Downtown Dinner and Music Series in the open dining area next to Puck Food Hall at the corner of South Main and Huling. Grab some food from one of the nearby restaurants, grab a PBR from Bar 409, and listen to some live music. 5-7 PM. Southern Avenue will kick things off at the first concert on the 8th.

Cody Clark Band plays Slider Inn Downtown tonight 6-9.

FiveThirtyEight has flipped Ohio blue in its presidential election forecast. It’s still a toss-up but Biden is now a 52/48 favorite there according to the model. No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio.

That’s it. Going to try to get an hour of writing-related activities in before brunch. Back tomorrow.


Friday update

Great news for South Main today. Posted yesterday by Max’s Sports Bar:

We’re back! Our doors will be open again Friday afternoon!
Enjoy the great weather and start of SEC play with us this weekend. Our courtyard and patio will be setup and ready for you, as will a couple of tables inside. See you this weekend!

Assuming they keep the same hours as before, with adjustments for the stupid mandated closing time, they’ll be open 4:30-10 weekdays and 11-10 weekends. Come down and watch some games, shoot some chocolate salty balls, and hear about the pet dinosaurs the people at the corner table had when they were little.

The weather this weekend will be perfect for patio dining. From’s forecast:

  • Today: 76/64, 10% chance of rain day
  • Saturday: 82/67
  • Sunday Mid 80s/Lower 60s, 30% chance of PM showers

The past couple of weeks, you may have had trouble getting outdoor seating at Blind Bear. Well, they have addressed the matter! They have doubled their patio size and are ready to serve you some deliciousness off their new menu this weekend.

Neo-soul/R&B artist Jordan Occasionally performs in Health Sciences Park today from 11 to 1. There will be a food truck on site with safely distanced tables and hand sanitizer. Masks are encouraged.

Tomorrow Cordelia’s Market will hold its Oktoberfest celebration noon to 4 PM on the North Patio. $6 gets you a house-made sausage, toppings, and a bottle of water. Oktoberfest beer will be on sale, with $2 off singles and a dollar off six-packs. 10% of the proceeds will benefit the Good Neighbor Project. Masks are recommended and seating is limited to 6 per table.

In the CA today: An opinion piece about the police writing parking tickets on Mud Island in an area not clearly marked as “No Parking.”

Those who participated in the Breonna Taylor protest Wednesday Night say that a man pulled a weapon on them on South Main. Protesters returned to the area on Thursday and held a barbecue.

South Main Sounds will broadcast a live stream featuring the music of Grace Askew Saturday 6:00 to 7:30 PM.

Chris Johnson plays The Vault 6-9 tonight.

That’s it for now. I made a deal with myself that if I published 6 articles to Medium this week, I would reward myself with dinner from the Blind Bear’s new menu this afternoon. I am currently a couple of paragraphs away from that goal. Now I have a decision to make: Seafood Risotto or Lasagna? I’ll have all day to think about it. Back tomorrow with more news.

Thursday update

WHOA… the MBJ is reporting that Dollar General has leased 113 S. Main for a new Dollar General concept that is a cross between a Dollar General store and a convenience store. That is the old Yao’s location and NOT what I was expecting to go in there. I hope they stay open late. Once this stupid 10 PM bar/restaurant closing time mandated by the health department gets phased out, there are going to be a lot of people stumbling down Main in search of a microwave chili dog late into the night.

The Silly Goose reopened yesterday and I was there! Well, for two hours I was there.

Perjorie T. Roll enjoyed a shot of house-made cinnamon whiskey

On Jessica’s recommendation I got a wood-fired pizza I’d had many times, but in a new way. The Capone comes with sausage, bell peppers, red onions, garlic, oregano, chili flakes, ricotta, parmesan, olives, and marinara. Jessica suggested I sub out white sauce for the marinara. That was a fantastic call!

Very, very cool: The Memphis Flyer has a look at The Multiverse, a 2000 SF art installation in a warehouse near Downtown by multimedia artist Christopher Reyes.

Activists returned to the streets of Downtown last night to protest the lack of justice for the death of 26-year-old EMT Breonna Taylor in Louisville. The organizer of last night’s march says there will be more.

Got a couple of pieces of news from the Memphis Public Libraries system. They are going to make another attempt at the in-person Rainbow Fish story time and arts & crafts event Sunday, September 27 from 4:00 to 4:30 PM at River Garden Park, 51 N. Riverside. Seating at least 6 feet apart will be designated by twine and stakes. The story will be announced over the PA so everyone can hear without the storyteller raising their voice. Each participant will have an individual craft bag to build their own Rainbow Fish. Masks are requested, and parents are asked to remain on site with their kids during this event.

Volunteers are needed Saturday at Tom Lee Park to help people complete 2020 Census materials and voter registration forms during an End of Summer Bash. Shifts are noon to 3 and 3 to 6. Volunteers will also rent skates and oversee games.

WREG interviewed Max of Max’s Sports Bar about the new “Share the Tab” grant that is available to limited-service restaurants closed by the health department for 77 days. He said he is looking forward to reopening his business, which is good news for those worried the sports bar might have been a permanent victim of the pandemic.

Hi-Tone will reopen soon. How is a live music venue supposed to have a 2-hour window for dining?

A Green Book Motorist Guide exhibit will debut at the National Civil Rights Museum October 3 and will be on display through early January.

There will be a Drive-Thru Voter Information Drive on Beale Street Alley next to FedExForum Saturday 11 to 2. Staff from the county election commission will be there to answer all your voting questions. Free growl towels, T-shirts, scratch-offs, Rendezvous BBQ, and Pepsi products while supplies last.

Some of you have noticed I’ve been going out a lot less this month. I want to make it abundantly clear that I am not upset with Bardog, Silly Goose, Blind Bear, Slider Inn or any other of my regular spots. I am cutting back the amount I go out for two reasons:

  1. I am at a critical point in my writing career. I’ve committed to publishing five to seven times a week, but I do not yet have a “recipe” for coming up with new articles. I do not yet have a system in place for writing, editing, and publishing. I absolutely have got to get that figured out before I resume my normal daily routine.
  2. It’s just isn’t as much fun to be out these days, because of the health department regulations – and because I’m required to order food, it’s more expensive to have less fun. If the regulations are relaxed in a few weeks, I’ll go out more.

I think I mentioned that I recently paid $197 for a course on writing – not so much instruction on the writing, but networking with writers and publishers to get myself on the fast track to being a known name. Since I bought that course I have stayed home 9 evenings. The bar tabs I didn’t run up those 9 nights paid for the course.

I do plan to bring my laptop out to my favorite places and do some writing over a few beers, once regulations are eased.

If there’s anything interesting in the COVID-19 task force press conference at noon, I’ll be back with an afternoon post. Otherwise, back tomorrow.



Wed update: Health Directive No. 12 is out

Shelby County Health Directive No. 12

Quick summary: There is no real change for full-service restaurants. Limited-service restaurants may now open but have to follow the same rules, including

  • Bar areas should remain closed to both seating or standing
  • Patrons must be seated at a table and order food to be served alcohol
  • Seating for dine-in food service (and the alcohol that can be purchased with food) is limited to two hours
  • 10 PM closing time; may stay open for take-out past 10 but can’t serve take-out alcohol beyond that time
  • Music, including live music, is allowed only if the volume is such that customers don’t have to raise their voices to talk over it
  • Dancing is only allowed outside and with 6 feet of separation from those not in your party

Beer gardens, wine pubs, and the like may reopen under the same restrictions too.

Important: If you own, manage, or work in a full- or limited-service restaurant, do not rely on this summary or any other summary you find. Read the Health Directive directly for guidance.

About those party pedal bikes that many Downtowners hate: There’s been some question about whether they can legally operate. From Health Directive No. 12: (All of the bullet points below are direct quotes, highlighted by me for emphasis)

  • Patrons may not consume beer or alcohol while riding, and “stops” should
    not be made for patrons to consume beer or alcohol while touring on the
  • In addition to drivers/operators, patrons must be required to wear face
    coverings or masks while riding on the bikes.
  • Patrons must not be permitted to yell and sing loudly.
  • Music must be kept at a decibel level that permits regular conversation. In
    other words, the noise level should not be so great as to cause patrons to
    raise their voices to be heard.
  • Only groups of six (6) people from the same household are allowed to ride
  • Bike operators must maintain at least twelve (12) feet separation between
    the bikes and people who are walking nearby or dining outdoors.

Do we think these regulations will actually be observed by party bike drivers and their customers? HELL NO! Remember, Code Enforcement is responsible for making sure the rules are followed, not MPD. I’d love to see Code Enforcement pull these bikes over and write them up, but I don’t see it happening.

Back to the restaurants: I suspect they’re going to wait an incubation cycle (14 days) to see what happens. If the numbers don’t go shooting back up I predict they will ease some of the restrictions at that time. It will be like moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 all over again.

Bar owners are ordering supplies and preparing to reopen. A few notes on limited-service restaurants frequented by readers of this blog:

Silly Goose will open today and Dylan will fire up the pizza oven. Their hours are noon to 10.

Alchemy owner Nick Scott says he’s “gathering the troops” and will try to do a soft reopening this weekend.

Flying Saucer will reopen next Wednesday, September 30. Its temporary hours will be 4-10 weekdays and 11-10 weekends.

Blind Bear reclassified as a full-service restaurant August 26 and has been open since then. As of this week, they have a new menu with seafood risotto, lasagna, a wedge salad, and a lot of other goodies.

Max’s Sports Bar has not made an announcement yet, but oftentimes the bartender working that day will make announcements about opening on his personal Facebook account, the day of. Under the old schedule, Wednesday would be a Mike day, so those of you who are friends with him might want to keep an eye on his account. Those hot dogs are going to be good for putting in a food order with your alcohol without busting the bank.

In other COVID-19 press conference news, health department director Dr. Haushalter said that if the virus reproduction rate remains above 1, we would expect a surge sometime around February. If we can get the rate back below 1 and keep it there, then we would see it as already having had the surge.

The Daily Memphian reports that the Museum Lofts apartments next door to the National Civil Rights Museum have been completed and they’re now leasing.

Now that clubs are allowed to reopen, Atomic Rose is back with two drag shows this Friday. Buy two entrees, get a free appetizer 6-9 that night.

Tonight’s Memphis 901 FC match against North Carolina FC has been postponed because COVID RUINS EVERYTHING.

A push to make FedExForum an early voting site has failed.

My article Prepare Yourself to Know What You Want after College went live on online magazine The Ascent about 10:30 yesterday morning. Quick summary: Study whatever you want, but become a well-rounded person in the summers by doing the following:

  • Summer before freshman year: Work in an office
  • Summer before sophomore year: Work in sales
  • Summer before junior year: Volunteer
  • Summer before senior year: Work in a restaurant

This will give you an innate understanding of people and work environments that goes beyond the gates of a college campus. This will help prevent picking a major at 19 that leads to a career in which you’re unhappy at 35.

I mentioned “the narcissist smirk” on here a couple of days ago. Yesterday I finally found a photograph which is royalty-free that illustrates what I’m talking about:

If you look at someone’s photos and see them doing this, it’s a sign you should watch out.

Off to work. Silly Goose is on my afternoon agenda. Back tomorrow with more news.

Bars will be able to open Wed.

In the Shelby County COVID-19 task force press conference, Health Officer Bruce Randolph announced that bars (limited-service restaurants) will be able to open tomorrow after the new health directive goes into effect at midnight. However, they will have to follow the same rules as full-service restaurants, including

  • Bar seating must remain closed
  • Alcohol can only be served to customers also being served food and who are seated at a table
  • Maximum stay for dine-in service 2 hours
  • 10 PM is still the mandated closing time; restaurants can stay open past 10 for take-out but can’t sell to-go alcohol after 10

In summary, it was the least they could do. The very least.

If Health Directive No. 12 is posted this afternoon, I’ll update this post to include a link.