Sunday update

Downtown Dining Week has arrived! Today through Saturday, November 7, 66 restaurants are participating, offering some amazing deals and enticing you to get out and try new things. I’m going to repeat my yearly comments here, with an additional sense of urgency because of COVID-19.

  • Please, please, PLEASE don’t make reservations for the same time, same night at multiple restaurants because your group hasn’t decided where to go yet – and then no-show all the restaurants but one. Even in the best of times, this is rude to other diners who miss out on a table, and to the restaurants who miss out on revenue. This is magnified by social distancing restrictions that cut the total number of guests to half or less.
  • Please be understanding of your servers. They are going to be very busy. Try to let them know everything your table needs all at once and don’t run them back and forth to the kitchen.
  • 30% tip. In previous years I suggested this as “a nice thing to do.” In pandemic times I suggest this as “ought to be mandatory.” Your servers had their restaurants closed for at least a month and a half this year, and since then have tried to survive waiting on social distanced tables. Recognize that you’re getting a deal on your food and take care of your servers very well.

I’m still digging through the DDW menus trying to figure out if and where I want to dine… those fried ribs with two sides, a drink, and dessert at Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe sure sound tempting. I might have to hit that place later in the week.

Looks like DDW is my only piece of news for today… it’s a heck of a piece of news though. Back tomorrow with more.