Sunday update

The City Council has done something very, very cool, and it’s a piece of news that may have flown under the radar for many as we headed into Christmas time off. The Memphis Flyer has an article about the Council’s support for the Safer at Home Order, but read the last paragraph in particular. The Council supports the order cutting restaurants to 25% capacity through January 22. However, the Council members are putting their money where their mouth is. For the duration of the Safer at Home order, even if it gets extended, they will donate 75% of their salary to charity.

The Flyer notes that at a salary of $30,000 a year, the donation per member will be about $1800 (75% of $2500) per member. That’s a total donation of about $24,000 per month under Safer at Home.

Cheers to the City Council for sharing in the sacrifice. Shelby County Commission… YOUR TURN! Who’s gonna step up? Are the members who were most vocal about shutting everything down going to be the first to propose a 75% salary cut? This would be an ideal opportunity to show what it looks like when leaders LEAD!

An Antioch, Tennessee man’s home has been searched in conjunction with the Downtown Nashville bombing. A 63-year-old man has been developed as a suspect in the case. Neighbors reported that an RV similar to the one in the bombing had been parked at the home within the past two weeks. The man had recently gifted his $160,000 home to a 29-year-old woman living in Los Angeles.

This Twitter thread about possible suspects and motives in the Nashville bombing is well worth a read. Also a supplemental thread for December 26 has now been connected. The original thread was 67 tweets long, so you may need to click “Show replies” a couple of times to see it all. Hat tip to James Aycock (@firstresponses) for sharing the thread on his timeline.

Speaking of James, here’s his Shelby County COVID week in review Twitter thread. It’s not a very long one, as COVID case data this week has been affected by network outages caused by the Nashville bombing.

Some sales going on at Feelin’ Memphis, the Memphis-themed gift shop at 509 S. Main today. From Tawanda Pirtle:

OPENS TODAY DEC 26TH 1PM TILL 6PM and SUNDAY DEC 27TH 11AM TILL 4PM…………..40% OFF LEFTOVER SALE! ALL SEASONAL ITEMS and a few other select things. We are so THANKFUL for each and everyone that has accepted and made DOWNTOWN MEMPHIS newest lifestyle shop a HUGE SUCCESS. We opened our doors at 5pm OCT 7, 2020, yes in the greatest pandemic many of us have ever seen in our lifetime and now we are LOOKING FORWARD TO 2021. WE PERSONALLY THANK EACH AND EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN APART OF OUR SUCCESS AND WE THANK ALL OUR FRIENDS AND OUR SOUTH MAIN FAMILY FOR YOUR ACCEPTANCE AND SUPPORT…’WE LOVE YOU ALL’ and we look forward to seeing 2021 unfold into a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHLY HAPPY YEAR FOR US ALL TO ENJOY AND LIVE IN. – Tawanda Pirtle with staff Maddy, Joyce, Alisha and my extra helpers! (FYI…Guys, I am just about out of carryout bags..unless order comes in today)

The Grizzlies lost to the Atlanta Hawks yesterday 122-112. Ja Morant got a tech for arguing about a call, and his postgame comments skated right on the edge of a fine for criticizing officials. The Grizzlies now travel to Brooklyn where they will face Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and the rest of the Nets Monday at 6:30.

Sad news for professional wrestling fans: Jon Huber passed away from a non-COVID lung condition at 41. In WWE, Huber was Luke Harper, a member of The Wyatt Family and former Intercontinental and tag team champion. In AEW, he was known as Mr. Brodie Lee, leader of The Dark Order.

That’s the news for now. Back tomorrow.