Monday update

The human remains found at the Nashville bombing site have been confirmed to be the remains of 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, a resident of Nashville suburb Antioch. Warner is believed to have acted alone. Investigators have not named a motive yet, but one possibility is that Watner was a conspiracy theorist about 5G government surveillance. I bet investigators are looking for ties to QAnon.

I got a text from a friend of mine in Gallatin, another Nashville suburb, around noon Sunday, saying that his AT&T service had just now been restored after being on and off (but mostly off) for most of the two days before.

Nashville Metro PD released video of the moment of explosion.

The check is in the mail! The Trumpster signed the government funding and COVID relief bill yesterday. Most Americans will get a $600 stimulus check, with an additional $600 for most dependents.

Bruce V won the Internet Sunday with this comment:

From the CA: 5 Memphis movie and TV projects to look for in 2021

Liberty Bowl news: Sports Illustrated previews the Army Black Knights from the point of view of their opponent, good ole West Virginny. The teams play Thursday at 3 on ESPN.

PRO TIP: Keep the TV tuned to ESPN after the Liberty Bowl is over, because Arkansas takes on TCU in the Texas Bowl that evening at 7.

COVID Act Now reports that the replication rate in Shelby County is back below 1, at 0.97 as of this morning. If that number is accurate that’s a good sign.

That’s it for today. Truth be told, I’m astonished I gathered enough news for a Monday post. Back tomorrow.