Tuesday update

Quick techie note: Everyone check your snail-mail regularly the next couple of weeks. Notices of data breach are being sent out. I believe these are related to the SolarWinds attacks that were announced earlier this month. AT&T and Comcast are listed among customers of SolarWinds, so if you use automated bank drafts to pay a bill to either of those companies, you might want to take steps to secure your identity.

2020 gave us a reminder the year’s not done: Ja Morant had to leave the court in a wheelchair last night following an ankle injury. On the good side, an X-ray revealed no fracture. He’s scheduled for an MRI today. One more bright side – the Grizzlies bested the Brooklyn Nets in overtime, 116-111, to pick up their first win of the season. Kyle Anderson looked like a beast with 28.

From Wiseacre and the Little Bettie pizza kitchen in Downtown’s Wiseacre2:

Downtown HQ:
Mon-Wed: 1pm-10pm
Thurs-Sun: 11am-10pm
Broad Ave OG:
Mon-Sat: 1pm-10pm
Sun: 1pm-6pm
Little Bettie:
Mon-Wed: 4pm-10pm
Thurs-Sun: 11am-10pm
Online Order starts at 4pm daily —> https://bit.ly/LittleBettieOrder

Article I read on Medium’s History of Yesterday publication yesterday (it’s behind a paywall, but you get a few free reads a month): An idea considered ridiculous 50 years ago has become one of the world’s most successful businesses. You probably know someone who works in this business’s corporate HQ or who throws boxes in its international hub.

First responders lined up for the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday at two locations. If the vaccine is good enough for MPD Director Mike Rallings, it’s good enough for me. My turn probably won’t come for a few more months, but I’m ready for it. A sore arm and some mild side effects for a day or two are worth it if it protects my co-workers and friends.

Tigers on national TV tonight! Memphis hosts the USF Bulls at FedExForum at 6 in a game televised on ESPN2.

Penny Hardaway is installing a new offense called The Lion for the Memphis Tigers men’s basketball team. Penny had been mainly coaching defense and letting his assistants run the offense previously. The offense is one that Penny ran with his high school and AAU teams.

Sunrise Memphis GM Ross Vego was interviewed about restaurants being left out of the federal COVID relief bill. He believes many restaurants won’t be able to continue much longer without aid.

ASS UP, MASK UP: As of today, the Shelby County Health Department has the power to enforce a $50 fine per violation where employees or customers of a business are found without a mask on. If you dine at a restaurant, this means you must have a mask on anytime you are not seated with food or drink in front of you.

The weather looks to be a mess on New Year’s Eve, with rain starting Wednesday night, continuing all day Thursday and storms as the new year rolls in. Looks like Mother Nature wants people to stay home.

Back tomorrow with more news.