Thursday update

Today is going to be a wet one:

The Dirty Crow Inn will continue its Sunday revival at the 40 et 8 in West Memphis this Sunday, January 3, and this week they’re bringing back a couple of blasts from the past! Bobbie Stacks and Jack Rowell will be there playing some tunes, and bacon-wrapped shrimp will be back. The address is 152 Legion Road in West Memphis, 72301, and I believe the Sunday hours are 3-10. If you’re there for the bacon-wrapped shrimp I’d recommend getting there much closer to 3 than to 10.

Here’s a link to data analyst James Aycock’s COVID-19 mid-week report. There will be a COVID task force press conference at noon but I doubt I will be able to listen and recap. I don’t expect this to be a very notable conference. We’re in the calm before the storm right now… numbers are trending downward, but there’s going to be another surge around January 5-6, as cases caused by transmission over the Christmas holiday start to trickle in.

The state of Tennessee has announced that people 75 and up will be eligible for the COVID vaccine sometime in January.

Amazon has a 2-month Kindle Unlimited subscription going on where you can read unlimited books for free. I just signed up. Being the end of the month, this may be the last day it’s offered although I don’t have confirmation of that. Here’s a link to sign up (that’s probably someone’s affiliate link but it isn’t mine). Just remember, if you sign up today, put a calendar entry on February 27 to cancel your subscription. Otherwise, you’ll be charged $10 for March.

It’s Liberty Bowl day! Good ole West Virginny vs. Army Black Knights, 3 PM, ESPN.

From Action News 5: Memphis anti-violence activist discourages celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve

That’s it for now. Y’all, be extremely careful if you celebrate tonight. Mask up, avoid people as much as you can, and avoid being on the streets at midnight when there will likely be gunshots. I could not care less about going out tonight, but I’m off work today so I’m going out to get some breakfast here in a bit. Back tomorrow with more news.