Monday update

Human bones were found at the south end of Mud Island by a landscaping crew and the police were called. They confirmed the remains to be human, but more details have not been released.

Seems like not a week goes by when I don’t see reports on Nextdoor of multiple gunshots being fired in Uptown. Yesterday’s report was from the Third and Chelsea area, and most of the reports I’ve seen are within three or four blocks of that location. That area is still the Wild, Wild West after the sun goes down. Shame because I’d take some walks to Grind City Brewery’s taproom this spring and summer if I felt safe walking through Uptown.

Today’s National Irish Coffee Day. I don’t drink them but have been told Bardog makes a good one.

New York Times: Fauci on what working for Trump was really like

Cool site I found this weekend: Edison Muckers, a blog dedicated to the life and ideas of Thomas Edison. A “mucker” was someone who worked in Edison’s lab, trying his hand at inventing.

All right. Slow news day. Back tomorrow with more.